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  1. How many is a "large number"? If there are 50 or less (remembering off the top of my head here) we send the notifications immediately, but if there are more we queue the notifications to be sent by a background task. If we are sending notifications immediately, the speed of your email server will make a difference, but if we queue them then emailing is not likely going to be the problem.

    Do you use Elasticsearch? It's possible this is slowing down posting if the newly posted content has to be pushed across the internet to a slow ES instance.

    Any custom applications or plugins? Many are designed to do X when Y happens, which often includes submitting a new post or topic.

  2. 14 hours ago, Scott Allen said:

    Same here. I wanted options that were not available, so ended up using an open source script and modifying it for our theme.  

    I don't want to keep the actual script in my globalTemplate, tho... Do I need to take the site offline and put it in developer mode to add my own custom JS script file so that I can just use something like this in the globalTemplate?

    <script src="JS/VgBackToTopButton.js"></script>

    or can this be done by creating a new .js at: Pages > Page Management > Templates   (New > Add Javascript file)

    And if the answer is 'yes' to the first or second part, can anyone help with what the path to that would be? I read the Guide here, but had questions likely from not knowing if I'm even barking up the right tree.  This is outside my wheelhouse, but I've been diving into HTML/CSS/JS this year to make some cool things for our site, and I'm totally willing to learn if anyone can steer me in the right direction here.  Much appreciated and thanks for the help!

    If this is for all themes, a plugin which imports your JS is your best bet.

    If this is for a specific theme, go to the themes management area in the AdminCP and click the dropdown arrow next to your theme, then choose Manage Resources. Upload the javascript file, and then the table will show you the resource tag to use to point to that file's URL. You can then import this into your template using something like

    <script src='{resource...}'></script>


  3. That error would make me think you have a "Non-registerable name" set incorrectly (maybe a blank value or something was added during the upgrade), or you have the display name character limitations configured incorrectly. Check both of those areas in the ACP.

  4. image.png

    This is for attachments and will not apply to things like Gallery images or Pages record images (but would apply to attachments in either application, e.g. to comments or the body of a Pages article).

    Within Gallery if you change the dimensions of the images to store you will be prompted to rebuild Gallery images



    Changes to a Pages record image are not retroactive - there is no tool to rebuild the existing thumbnails.

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