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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Once 1.6.0 is nearing completion and this feature is ready to roll out, I'll be sure to mention you here!
    I'm not sick anymore (finally!) and mostly caught up on everything, so if all goes well I should hopefully be able to make some progress this week!
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Build 1.5.0 is ready for release and will be on the marketplace soon!

    I'm going to work on implementing tag/prefix permissions for 1.6.0 and see what other ideas I can come up with while doing that. If there's any other suggestions or additional features you'd like to see added, please let me know!
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Hmm, at the moment this is currently not compatible with club forums, but I will add this to the feature suggestion list and will mention you whenever progress is made on it!
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    @djpretzel @RoleplayUK @Gabriel Torres
    Topic multimod support has been implemented and will be available in the next release!

    You should see this release pushed to the marketplace within the next 24-hours.
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Fair enough! I hear you.
    I'll work on getting support for saved moderator actions implemented in the next release.
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Hey @Gabriel Torres,
    I'm planning to move away from "Saved actions" in this application, instead adding options to mass add/replace tags as a standard multimod action. I should be able to add in an option to remove prefixes as well, however, and I believe this should cover what you need.
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    djpretzel reacted to RoleplayUK in Radical Tags   
    @Makoto Is it possible to add prefixes to a saved action ? This worked with ATP but not with Radical tags or at least I haven't found it yet!
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    djpretzel reacted to Gabriel Torres in Radical Tags   
    @Makoto What we need here is a shortcut to remove prefixes, so when our moderators move a topic that has a prefix to a different forum that doesn't use prefixes, they can easily remove the prefix that was applied. Thanks.
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Makoto in Radical Tags   
    @Makoto Got it; confirmed it worked as well. Thanks!
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    djpretzel reacted to Makoto in Radical Tags   
    Hi @djpretzel,
    The option to migrate will only appear if ATP is still installed and enabled. If it detects an active installation and you haven't migrated yet, it should show an option to there.
    The "lowercase all tags" tool is unrelated and always displays.
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Bluto in Outdated IPS CSS Framework   
    If you supported a Bootstrap 4 theme OOTB (either as replacement default, or a streamlined & officially-supported secondary option), would people complain if/when it doesn't support Bootstrap 5?
    Probably, but... who cares? In other words, some people will always complain about certain things, right?
    What it WOULD allow access to is:
    A gigantic body of themes, free & commercial... Easier integration of third-party widgets/components which themselves offer default theming in bootstrap (often multiple versions) An exhaustive number of developers intimate with the core CSS classes and their application... More devs might then be more interested in theming and developing for the IPS platform because at least one component - the CSS framework - is familiar to them, and is thus one less thing to learn... also even potentially increases overall confidence in the platform, for some. Sounds pretty good to me?
    In other words, based on the level of adoption & familiarity with Bootstrap specifically, is it at least possible that this proposal deserves re-evaluation?
    Here, I'll write some copy for your FAQ/documentation, so it's one less thing to do, and "BS_VERSION" as a substitution variable makes me smile:
    Q: "It's FANTASTIC that you now support Bootstrap {BS_VERSION} for front-end themes, but why don't you support a more recent version? Eh?"
    We want to focus our development efforts more on functionality, and less on constantly maintaining compatibility with third-party components which have different needs & release schedules. While we eventually decided to move to Bootstrap for theming the IPS platform front-end, we did so knowing that we would need to follow a stable/conservative upgrade reconciliation/compatibility cycle in order to not divert our emphasis from core responsibilities.
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Rashed Ahmed in Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x   
    @Kevin Carwile Can you confirm this app is abandoned & will not be supported in the future?
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    djpretzel reacted to Matt in Blog dissapointment   
    Ok, we hear you loud and clear on categories for blogs.
    I've added this to our internal list.
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    djpretzel reacted to Aetherdan in Blog dissapointment   
    Heres some missing features that I think would be essential to a good blogging product.
    Categories and nested categories Author following (specific to blog) Blog Navigation & internal linking Meta keyword/tagging to populate related article functionality Author blog profile/author blog list  
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    djpretzel reacted to Meddysong in Blog dissapointment   
    (You might've noticed that IPS's own blog, which has categories, is built using Pages rather than Blog. That tells a story, doesn't it?)
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    djpretzel reacted to Meddysong in Blog dissapointment   
    No chance. We've been asking for categories for years.
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    djpretzel reacted to Matt in Thank you IPS for detailed changelogs since 4.3.5   
    I'll take the credit, even though it was really @Mark who pushed for it.
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    djpretzel reacted to Mr 13 in Thank you IPS for detailed changelogs since 4.3.5   
    Just wanted to say thanks because after 4.3.5 you're started to make detailed changelogs where we can see not only new features but also bug fixes. Thanks :)
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    djpretzel got a reaction from Joy Rex in Soundcloud Embed   
    Seconded, totally agreed, would also like the option of using the shorter, imageless version (gray bg)...
    Or, you know, we could have more direct access over the rendering of embeds, like we did with 3.4.X...
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    djpretzel reacted to Gabriel Torres in Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x   
    @djpretzel Ryan H. is no longer the maintainer of this app. @Kevin Carwile is the new guy... 😉
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    djpretzel reacted to RomanV in Closed tags for selected club   
    Hi there, would be nice to have closed special tags for a club (like on forums).  🙄
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    djpretzel got a reaction from A.S.R. in Include author in RSS feeds for forums, other areas   
    Forum RSS feeds do not include author. This information is useful. I'd personally recommend it simply be included by default, but an option to include it would also work.
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    djpretzel reacted to bfarber in Make the enterprise "remote commenting" feature standard   
    I'm not intimately familiar with how Disqus works (especially from a licensing and technology standpoint).
    Our remote commenting solution allows you to effectively create a "comments" area on an external page. Most of the time clients using this approach do so for custom made blog/article style areas on their site where they don't already support commenting built in to whatever software they are using.
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    djpretzel reacted to Morgin in Make the enterprise "remote commenting" feature standard   
    I would love this. I think it’s a way for traditional forums to take back some ground from Facebook for smaller businesses that want the ability for customers to engage with content (be it products in a commerce store, pages, etc) without needing to load the full forums. Facebook/disqus are eating everyone’s lunch with threaded comment chains on content. This would be a huge value add for the platform as a whole. 
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    djpretzel reacted to liquidfractal in please allow Clubs forums and blogs in post/topic feeds   
    I have a Club on whose splash page I'd like to include a post feed from that Club's forums.  However, that doesn't currently seem possible.
    Club forums and blogs should be included as options in feeds (permissions permitting).
    Right now the only way to include Clubs forums in feeds is to keep the All checkbox checked, which obviously isn't a solution.  I'm not sure if this was/is a bug or if this was somehow intended. 
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