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    djpretzel got a reaction from sobrenome in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    I'll be posting this in feedback as well, as @bfarber recommends, but I think the following should strongly be considered:
    Make the REST API mandatory (at least for access from same host) Start using the REST API within the default IPS theme for things like the widgets, user status In other words, even for the core product, start moving to more of an SPA paradigm, with graceful fallback to server-side content when possible In this fashion, the REST API becomes more immediately useful to all developers, because it's guaranteed to be present and is hooked in to the way the core product functions, OOTB.
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    djpretzel reacted to Mr 13 in 4.5: ACP Dark Mode   
    What a strange excuse. It's the problem of the users of these third-party themes. Why we're who use the official theme should suffer because of them?
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    djpretzel reacted to BN_IT_Support in 4.5: Blog Categories   
    Will we be able to set "permissions" on the blogs categories?
    That would be a really important feature for us. We would like to have some blogs as "members only" but to have other blogs as "public". If these new blogs categories support permissions that that should solve our problem as we would be able to give the "Guest" group access to only the public blogs categories.
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    djpretzel got a reaction from KenuFHR in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    @bfarber Historically one of the IPS "enterprise" offerings has been a comments widget that can be placed on any page, ala Disqus - at least that's my understanding of how it works?
    What I'd really like to see is that particular functionality democratized & offered as a frontend component that works hand-in-hand with your REST API. Our site has thousands of pages that are stored in a separate database, outside of IPS - for good reasons. I'd LOVE to offer integrated comment threads on these pages, to tie the entire community together. So whatever combination of REST API endpoints *AND* frontend JavaScript would be necessary to make that happen, that's my number one (by far) request.
    In the absence of something like this, my community and others with a similar use case are forced to resort to Facebook comments widget or Disqus, which takes us further away from IPS... I haven't taken that step yet because I've been waiting & waiting & waiting to see if something could be done via IPS.
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    djpretzel reacted to bfarber in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    There's some nice ideas here in the comments, and I'll try to take note of them for future releases, but please also remember if you have any requests for changes in the software you're always welcome to post in our feedback area as well (for those who may not have). 🙂 
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    djpretzel reacted to zbahadir in 4.4: Extend Invision Community with the REST API   
    The features I expect:

    Forums, topics = follow/unfollow.
    Posts = like/unlike
    Blogs entries and comments = like/unlike
    Best regards
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    djpretzel reacted to sobrenome in Pages Improvements   
    Yes, most wanted feature for Pages!
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    djpretzel reacted to Hunter Lyons in Pages Improvements   
    When will wiki-style features come? It's been requested for years. I could fetch tens and tens of threads on it.
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    djpretzel reacted to Dylan Riggs in Pages Improvements   
    Another cool feature I wish was implemented is the ability to upload/edit and view block templates like you do with other templates. Pardon if I'm missing it or something, but out of 4-5 different sites I've had to work on strictly with pages. I was able upload database templates, page templates and such
    I can upload a block template, but then after I do so, I can only select it when creating block to view it, and then edit it from there. Is there no way to upload a block template like all the other methods?
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    djpretzel reacted to Ali Majrashi in Pages Improvements   
    @Charles any plans on improving fields like Date field to handle both date and time and make it more flexible and powerful or make creating custom field for developer more easy and straight forward without breaking things when new versions get released  
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    djpretzel reacted to Tom_K in Pages Improvements   
    Any plans to improve breadcrumbs in Pages so the folder hierarchy is visible and all pages aren't simply listed in root of the website?
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    djpretzel reacted to Mr. Monster in Pages Improvements   
    I was not ready for this awesome surprise.
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