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  1. Would like to bring this back up. Any way to configure the topic URLs to exclude the forum name?
  2. Was expecting a reveal of the new 4.0 skin. :/
  3. I'd be happy to see this feature added to the core. So will this be in 4.0?
  4. +1 as this always results in a youtube link instead of a video. Edit: The option does not even work for me sadly. Chrome 28
  5. I'm not really talking about abuse. I believe it should simply not be possible for a moderator to delete thousands of posts with a single click. Considering this content cannot be restored without a sql backup. Things can happen on accident sometimes.
  6. I think the 'Flag As Spammer' feature is a little dangerous for forums as moderators could easily flag any member as spammer. Even those with lots of posts (for example 1000). And I'm sure many people have configured this feature so it will automatically delete all of the users posts and empty their profile. My suggestion: Give us a setting in the ACP where we can specify the maximum amount of posts a user may have in order to make the 'Flag as spammer' option available for them. On another note: I would love to see a soft-delete option for the "Action to take when a member is flagged for spamming" checkbox instead of the current hard-delete option.
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