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  1. [quote name='Mark' timestamp='1292709246'] Technical support will be happy to run an SQL query to do that for you :) Ok. This will work for me, but please consider this for a future version. What about the 15 emails example + shipping details in my previous post? Will I get 15 emails or just one for one order with 15 products? Will I get the shipping details + phone within the email?
  2. One more important thing. Currently, I have 100+ items for sale and I will use the email function for all of them. It should be nice if there is a general email option for all packages. Obviously I do not want to go and fill my email in all packages one by one.
  3. Email on new order. If someone orders 15 products will I get 15 different emails? >>> It will be great if I get only one email with all 15 products listed, their price and the total price. Very important: the email should also include shipping address + phone I would say that this is very very important and a key feature I'm missing at the moment.
  4. Sounds excellent. Few quick question though. Email on new order. If someone orders 15 products will I get 15 different emails? Delete Transactions. If I delete a transaction will the associated invoice + shipping order be deleted as well?
  5. estan

    Introducing IP.SEO

    This is really great news, thank you! This is exactly what I need.
  6. Upgraded to Nexus 1.0.3 - no any issues

  7. Just upgraded to IP.Downloads 2.3.0 - no any issues

  8. Concerning the tags, we have requested this many times before. As I know they plan to implement it in one of the next versions.
  9. Upgraded to IP.Blog 2.3.0 - no any issues

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      I already have that on one of my board :P

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      Had posted it on skinbox forums :P

  10. Tags will make the related topics to work. Hopefully this will be implemented in one of the coming versions. In best case, tags will be implemented in all IPS products (including IP.Content custom databases) and we can have a tag cloud for all the site.
  11. That will be appreciated. I think that if this is implemented out-of-the-box it would a be a very feature. I still very much need to be able to add / edit / delete / rearrange simple boxes with custom text/code/IP.Content in the sidebar. Arranging is very important.
  12. Just upgraded to Nexus 1.0.2 - no any issues. Great...

  13. [quote name='Dan' date='10 November 2010 - 11:00 AM']The content blocks are still there, and can still be moved around on the left and right hand sides of the page. The only thing that has changed is that the blog entries themselves are now in a linear list, rather than two-up. :) Ah ok. Got it :) It is ok then....
  14. Great job. Thank you! However, I definitely do not like the idea below: My site community users are very happy with the 2 columns view + blocks that can be turned on and off. Moving to a plain list of blog entries is not a good idea at all. This should be a blog and not just a plain list of articles...
  15. "We are no longer going to include a default page wrapper with IP.Content 2.1". I do not like this approach at all. Having a default page wrapper was a great thing to have. It helped me a lot while working on my site. It would be nice if you change your mind on this.
  16. Sounds good. Would there be an option to "attach" a topic to an article after the article was already created?
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