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  1. So just to throw my 2 cents in here and confuse the discussion even further. I understand where IPS is coming from and what they are doing here and why they aren't prorating. At the same time as a customer I don't want to pay for more then I am getting. If I am renewing after the add on being inactive obviously that means I am planning on using it again, more then likely for more then just one six month period. ... so what about this.. If the customer is less then 3 months into the 6 month cycle pro rate them for the time they have left. If the customer is more then 3 months in to the cycle pro rate them for the current cycle but also require that they pay for the next cycle. Add that to the current option and everyone would have an option that worked for them.
  2. How many clicks does it take?

    ok, since nobody asked for my opinion I'm going to chime in here! 1. Charles, I literally laughed out loud at that one. 2. Does anyone here actually spend that much time downloading files from here that the clicks really matter? 3. I DO agree that Nexus needs to be more customer friendly. I recently started using it for a store selling physical products. The backend is great, the front end could be a little more customer friendly.
  3. Thread rating in listing

    I even searched.. not sure how I missed that. Thank you!
  4. Thread rating in listing

    I hate to bring up an old thread but could anyone help me out and tell me exactly where that would need to be added in the template? (Like between this and that). We have a forum that asks for feature suggestions and this would be great to show what features are wanted most. Thanks