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  1. 7 hours ago, zelgadis said:

    Hello @TAMAN,

    I installed Chatbox+ form marketplace. 
    Chatbox add a button at the bottom-right of the page where people can open the chat.

    The button is not displayed in Magnun Theme. With IPS default theme it works.


    It was an IPS problem.
    I've updated to the latest patch, and now the button appears.

  2. Hi Makoto,

    I've many tags with spaces.
    When I click a TAG in Tag Cloud the space is showed as %2520 instead of %20, and IPS finds no results.

    In tag Cloud the link is correct.



    But when I click it, the browser shows:



    It seems that the %20 is URLencoded again, wich transfors the %20 to %2520 (the % character is encoded as %25).

  3. @Makoto I upgaded to 1.5.1.


    I've many prefixes/tags with spaces:


    everything works, but in IP.Downloads when I try to set a prefix (or a tag) for auto-generated topics, all the spaces in my tags are replaced with the sign +.


  4. 2 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    Doesn't happen here



    check if your light button colors are not all white 



    or maybe some tweaks that removes multiqoute button in magnum theme!

    I have disabled the product "Advanced Tags & Prefixes" and the multiquote button reappeared.

    Then, I have reactivated the product and the button is still there... so the problem is solved...

  5. 19 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    I will take a look


    Edit. @zelgadis It looks totally fine on my side no issue and i double checked

    there could be a setting somewhere that your user group can not use reactions on replies maybe? im not quite sure :)

    If I go in Database -> Edit  -> Display Template Group and change your template with the IPS Default, the reactions in the comments appears. So, I think, it's not an user group settings problem.

    Now, I've made a fresh install of Magnum Theme 4.1.4.

    In Pages -> Templates I've removed all templates that starts with S1 and I've reinstalled the templates. 

    The problem is still there.

  6. I have a problem with Pages, if this plugin is active.
    In my database -> category, I have active the following options:
    - Post Topic: Post a topic to the specific forum each time a new record is added
    - Use forum for comments: comments will be posted as replies.

    If I create a new record and, rather than publishing it immediately, I set up a future publication date, the record won’t be published in the expected schedule.
    Even if it apparently seems published.
    See image attached.

    If I disable the plugin, I have no problems.



  7. This plugin does not work properly with version 4.2.4.

    In Database -> Categories, I’ve active the options “Post topic” and “Use forum for comments”.

    Previously, when I create an Article, and choose another author, the system creates the topic inside the forum with the same author I chose.

    Now, with version 4.2.4, when I create an article choosing a different user as the author, the article is created as if posted by that user, but the connected topic automatically generated by the system inside the forum has me as the author instead of the chosen user.


  8. 5 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

    Secondly, Sorry, there is nothing i can do about that ips haven't added any class names when the forum uses featured color, just an  inline background and color to the elements the little sliding keeps its color

    Ok. I hope they will add a class in the futures versions.

    7 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

    But, You seem to have added some custom css, the hover should not change the icon color as what i see in the image

    No. I did not add any custom CSS.

  9. On ‎05‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 9:47 PM, zelgadis said:

    Community -> Forums -> Edit -> Display settings
    If you ‘Use a Feature Color’ for a specific forum, the status icon does not change for read/unread status. If you mark forum read the icon doesn't change.



    The above problem is still present in version 4.1.
    If you Use a Feature Color for a specific forum, the icon is not faded out to indicate there are no unread topics within the forum.

  10. Some trivial things.

    Ok, this is not so trivial for me:
    Community -> Forums -> Edit -> Display settings
    If you ‘Use a Feature Color’ for a specific forum, the status icon does not change for read/unread status. If you mark forum read the icon doesn't change.



    Notification Settings
    Title in Notification settings is difficult to read;
    If you turn off and then turn on a notification setting, the color is not green, as it should be, but dark grey.



    I changed "CheckBox: Background" to light but, if I uncheck it, the background is still dark.



    If you turn on, and then turn off the "notify me of replies" setting, the switch remains dark grey instead of light grey.



    Registration form
    If you insert an invalid value on a field, the background color doesn't change. It’s difficult to understand that there’s an error.


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