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  1. Is there a way to make the content block countdown timer use a specific time zone? thanks
  2. Is there a way to limit the number of slides in the Ip. Content Slider? (It always shows 5) thanks
  3. Do you mind sharing how?
  4. Sidi

    MailCheck js

    Does this work for 3.4.6? Thanks
  5. I recently switched to the IP.Content Slider, instead of the Quick Launch. Is it possible to have the clicked image, open the forum post, instead of the article? Thanks
  6. Sidi

    Embed Tweets

    Thanks, working on 3.4.5
  7. Is there a way to put a limit on this - so like after a page reload, it goes back to normal? thanks
  8. Thank you, this was very helpful.
  9. What are some recommended games for the arcade - like general, popular games. thanks
  10. Error: Sorry, we couldn't find that! We could not find the file specified;
  11. Just confirming that the above reported errors are still occurring. Thanks
  12. How do you get the Member-Message on the Light Skin?
  13. Well that sucks, it must have changed recently. It wasn't there a few days ago, when we bought the skin. Hopefully, other users can help answer the questions.
  14. Bug Report: The Gallery does not display correctly in Firefox 27 - neither the traditional nor social settings display correctly, you just get a list of category names under recent albums. Under Recent Images - the images are also in a vertical list, instead of horizontal. The same page in Google Chrome loads properly. *Is there still support for this skin?
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