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  1. I'm afraid but it was yesterday and a few day before. it's 2-3 seconds this morning. Just when I click on a topic or on a forum it took a lot of time for loading.
  2. Really? Since the beginning of IPB4, this forum is more than slow. It takes sometimes 10-15sec just to load a page... when it took 2-3 seconds before Seriously, there is no way to upgrade with such performances. It's pretty disappointing.
  3. I find it is very slow compared to the old board. Hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. I have installed the application once on IPB 3.4, it worked like a charm. I have disable it/deleted it. I have reinstalled it and it does not work anymore. I have no error at all, but the block does not appear. Recache Twitter Timeline Today, 01:56 PM Retrieved 2 tweets for @XXXX. 299 API requests remaining this window
  5. Well, it would be great to be able to ban a netmask or a range of IP addresses... Not only by using *.* but by supporting netmasks and ranges. Like etc... or range 192.192-253.*.*
  6. It would be cool to be able to exclude forums from the recent topics box. It can be done with a module on IPB3.0. It would be nice to see that feature in the core of IPB 4.0 :)
  7. That would be really great if we could setup a password policy for the registration process. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Password_policy#Password_length_and_formation Like constraints on the password length and formation. It would be great to have that in the core settings.
  8. Anyway, I don't even know how to add a tab :lol: :tongue:
  9. No news? :( 1 year and still nothing for full SSL Web site. I'm really disappointed. I had to disable the feature... and several members of my forum where really angry.
  10. If someone can help me that would be so nice, I can give a few dollars ;)
  11. Does it work with the default editor of IPB ? I got <script type='text/javascript'> var editor = window.parent.CKEDITOR.instances.edit5978; var image = editor.document.createElement('img'); image.setAttribute( 'src', 'https://blublu.org/uploads/inline/1/52a8f0149b1c6_test.png' ); image.setAttribute( 'alt', '' ); editor.insertElement( image ); window.parent.CKEDITOR.dialog.getCurrent().hide(); </script> But it does not work, I have no message in the box :) It's blank :)
  12. IPB 3.4. I have installed the mod. chmod 755 on uploads/ chmod 755 on uploads/inline chmod 755 on uploads/inline/upload.php I have remove the .htaccess in uploads and uploads/inline When I click on the Sent it to the server, it uploads correctly the file (I see it on my server) But the message is blank, nothing. Any idea ? :sad:
  13. Why should we disable escapeshellarg and escapeshellcmd ? escapeshellcmd — Escape shell metacharacters escapeshellarg — Escape a string to be used as a shell argument That's function to escape dangerous characters not dangerous functions ! You could also add popen() to dangerous ones :)
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