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  1. [Video Game Music] - Tagging

    bumpy . . . . <_<
  2. Is there ANY PC program that will CORRECTLY tag Video Game Music? I think I just screwed (some) of my music up. I want what I can get to be correctly taged, labled, the whole damn works.
  3. I'm looking for a smiple fast way to make a youtube playlist I've made into MP3's. You all know any programs or sites that could do that?
  4. I think i've overdone the 'free' trail period.
  5. I want to convert some music I have on my PSP to a lower bitrate to try to fit as much as I can on a 8 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. Might eventually do the same for the music on my PS3. Programs SIMILAR to Switch by NCH software?
  6. Next fall (well this fall) I wan to take a French class at my college, I want to take e-notes, how would I get my Windows 7 64 bit Acer laptop (& this Windows 7 32 bit HP slimline) to support the French language, so I can type and read my notes?
  7. Most likely has been posted before, but I was just on a VB forum and randomly came up with a thought of something that would seem useful: For the Moderators/Administrators, in a topic they (or the user?) get to make certain posts stand out in some way (color of the actual post area ( ) I'd think this would help with support forum or with topics with what seems like trillions of posts and the same repeated question and the asker is told to search previous pages. ---- If there are about say 100 pages, that could be "painful". In a different way for private use, mods could flag posts they think should be looked @ by other mods.
  8. Squeaky music?

    Not for the DS, moved the music (DKCR) to my PSP. If the PSP didn't have a limit of 1000 sounds REGARDLESS of the size memory stick instead of it, I might actually use it's music function instead of having something in my DS to listen to music.
  9. Squeaky music?

    Yet all the rest of my music (2700+ MP3's) sound PERFECTLY fine. It's ONLY Donkey Kong Country Returns
  10. Squeaky music?

    For what ever reason, some music I had recently downloaded (not from Itunes or any store) but from the internet when played on my DS's gives a bit of "squeak" sound, for EVERY track of the "album" at the begging of it. I've played the music on my computer (using foobar) and it DOESN'T make the noise WHAT SO EVER. I wonder if my PSP will make it as well. Makes no noise what-so-ever. Plays perfectly fine. So it's the DS.
  11. DVI - HDMI Adaptar

    HP S l i m l i n e (http://www.google.co...s:0&tx=74&ty=51). I have a VGA cable I have a DVI cable I have a HDMI cable I need an adapatar --- DVI ----- HDMi Would a monitor that supports VGA & DVI be USEABLE as a dual screen for a laptop (that has a HDMI out port) and something like the above picture that supports only VGA.
  12. DVI - HDMI Adaptar

    My slimline doesn't have support for DVI, only VGA. This laptop support VGA & HDMI (out). While my monitor supports VGA & DVI. If I wanted to use it as normal PLUS as a second monitor for my laptop I'd probably need a DVI-HDMI adapter. Any problems with that? The monitor & laptop are both Acer
  13. DVI - HDMI Adaptar

    I have a laptop here (which I'm using) that has a HDMI out port connected (right now) to a monitor that supports VGA (which i'm using) & DVI (not being used). Normally this monitor is connected by VGA to a HP slimline, I want to sometime connect the laptop to the monitor, right now I'd unplug the VGA from the computer and put into the laptop, that's a bit tedious. Since I like a dual monitor setup, if I wanted to sometime have my normal computer connected (VGA) & the laptop connected (HDMI? DVI?), would that work? How would the monitor act having VGA & DVI used by different systems?
  14. My computer is a Insomniac!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . Now it seems that it turns off after probably 20 minutes. BAH! How would this be rectified?
  15. My computer is a Insomniac!

    NOD 32 is what I use for anti-virus. No pets except a caged dog in a different room. It is ma laser mouse by MS