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  1. I am just soooo pleased today as my company is now registered as Community Interest Company.  For Outdoor Muckers this means 50% of revenue is used directly to help homeless persons by giving bursaries for outdoors training with a view to jobs or self employment. The rest is to protect companies assets and after paying year end taxes 100% of the profits will be re-invested to provide permanent homes for the homeless we have been supporting. 

    I dont know if you guys know but I'm currently working with a guy to prevent him becoming homeless and to overcome anxiety and PTSD. He is setting off on beginning July to start walking the UK. He has always walked in the past and is now feeling good enough in spirit to get fighting for life again.  He will hand write all his travels and post them out to me to type them up in the forums.   an amazing journey has begun for sure.

    Woops this is a long announcement isnt it sorry :smile:

    1. Adlago


      Congratulations and much success in your noble activity. :thumbsup:

    2. kar3n2


      aww and thanks for all the help you have been to me too @Adlago

    3. Adlago


      Always happy to help with what I know.:sorcerer:

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