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  1. Another error for you: Fatal error: Call to undefined method classVideos::video_block() in admin/applications_addon/other/videos/extensions/portalPlugins/videos.php on line 28 This is when showing the video block on portal.
  2. I am having the fatal error as well. I will attempt the fix to see if it works later today and report back as well.
  3. This is what has been in that area since I got it: <strong class='bbc'>View News Entry</strong> This is also the same thing you have in the Video System that works fine. Just not sure why it is not showing a link at all for this. Do I need to have it show %link% instead?
  4. Hey brother, I am having an issue with the forum post portion. It is not giving a link back to the article. Here is an example: http://hubofgamers.com/topic/770-news-xbox-one-wont-work-with-current-gen-headsets/ You can see the View News Entry text is not working properly. Any suggestions to help with this would be appreciated. ;)
  5. Mike, any plans to add tags for videos? I believe this is a much needed addition and would be grateful if that was added in the future. Looking for an ability to limit categories but give users a better way to search for the videos they want to watch by tags.
  6. Great support as always. Here is my response: 1. What version of IPB are you running? 3.4.3 2. Are you running the latest version of Topic Template System (build number is 2222)? yes, purchased it 2 days ago. 3. Are you editing through the Quick Edit or the Full Editor? Updated through the Both. 4. If you edit through the Quick Edit, and you refresh the page after, do the custom fields return? No, they do not return. 5. If you edit through the Full Editor, are ALL template fields unpopulated or just some of them? They are populated. 5a) If just some fields, what are the field types (input, dropdown)? The interesting part is that it saved and showed no data on the post. I came back a couple hours later and the post had all the information saved. So, good news it is ultimately showing up for me, just not immediately.
  7. We have the same issue. Would love to see this get fixed ASAP. Nothing like pissing off a community with a bug like this. Thanks for the attention on this.
  8. So, the issues summed up as I have another issue as well now. 1) Issue with the Mass PM system and View in Social Groups (LINK HERE: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/337811-download-rsyvarth-social-groups/?p=2394791) 2) Can not transfer ownership through the actual group GroupCP area (LINK HERE: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/337811-download-rsyvarth-social-groups/?p=2394791 ) 3) GroupCP change background image or color is not working properly. We have attempted to change background and/or change the color but it is not working. Attempted on multiple groups as this was submitted as an error. More to come as we find things. ;) Thanks for the help with these.
  9. Alright, so of course we have the stuff located above that I know or think are getting worked on. Additionally, been messing with other areas of the system and today attempted to transfer ownership of a group to another admin. Everything went through, got the pop-up saying that transfer was complete, unfortunately it was not completed. Anyone else having any issues with this? This is a group I created but need to leave for the actual group that owns it.
  10. Ahh, gotcha. Interesting and wondering when I will have that issue....ugghhhh I hope they can figure it out. lol
  11. Correct. This is only on Mass PM. Everything else is just fine. The invite does not have any issues at all. What do you mean. Tell me the issue and I will look and see if I am having the same issues on 3.4.4
  12. I added some of the stuff and this is what was received from the users:
  13. Great work on this system. I am simply loving it. I have a question though. I seem to be having an issue with the My Groups view on the system. It is currently overlapping. I know the idea with My Groups was to show the groups and that the current system replaces the category with the last forum post, but I would ask if I can get it to do two things based on the image. 1) Would like only the Category and Owner showing up under the My Groups area. 2) Have the ability to align the second group like it is aligned for new groups. This way, there is no overlap in the system. --------------------------------------------------------- Other minor issue when sending out an "All Member" email to my group, they are getting the following in the PM: Something set up improperly?
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