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  1. More feature ideas: -Add Bans as a main search provider within the Forum System: -Delete Appeals/Complaint option with allowed permission in AdminCP -Parse Member Group prefix/postfix styling within system
  2. TeeZ just released another version with *many* improvements and permissions for custom ban durations. A few little niggles remain but it's a big improvement. I'll use it for a while and report back with anything I find as well as a newly updated translation file, thanks.
  3. The admins don't get displayed correctly in some of the pages and instead of displaying the admin IP it shows the server IP. There is an issue where it shows a server ID rather than the hostname/IP of the server. I'm quite sure though as he uses and inspects Sourcebans himself he will custom tailor this to work perfectly with Sourcebans. I recommend buy it now, because it does function, it just needs some cleanup and a few feature additions like defining our own ban reasons instead of allowing custom inputs. I made a short list: Feature Ideas: Create custom Ban Reasons from AdminCP (Select Reason Dropdown) Custom server List from AdminCP (Select Server Dropdown for Complaints) <- When user submits a ban he chooses from a pre-defined list instead of typing in a server name. Custom Ban Durations from AdminCP (More Ban Times, 1 Month, 3 Months RegEx Checking on SteamID entry (Check for correct SteamID format) Change Data (Let us change SteamID of Bans/Complaints) Disallow Admins from changing Nick/IP on ban submission
  4. It definitely needs some work to fix a few of the bugs and to have it working seamlessly with Sourcebans since it's originally an AMXBans mod but it looks like he's willing to add all the necessary features requested and fix the bugs. I recommend purchasing it to help support the development. There's nothing else like it for IPB and it makes Administration for your Admins a lot easier.
  5. I bought this and so far it's pretty good. TeeZ has agreed to fix/add a few things and then it will be perfect.
  6. It's also possible that you may find some use from this: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1716010 though there appears to be no ban functions yet added to that API.
  7. Any chance of adding something for Sourcebans administration from IPB? I would buy that :)
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