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  1. http:/www.bf-games.net/forum/ - updated yesterday - still of a lot of work to do unfortunately...
  2. I think I discovered a Bug: every time the editor "loads" again, I think some JS is evaluated again and if you click a Emoji from the "insert Emoticon" menu (the smiley in the ckeditor toolbar), the emoji gets inserted multiple times (emoji count = editor init times) It does not happen of course if you insert the smiley code into the editor (i.e: :heart_eyes: )
  3. exactly what I was lookin for, thank you
  4. Is there a way for managing the "Media Codes"? (for example auto-embedding of Youtube Videos). We expanded our 3.4 forums and enabled embedding of Soundcloud Files, webm/mp4 videos in general and imgur gifv... How can we get this back in IPS4?
  5. Is there a chance the new recaptcha api (nocaptcha) will be included in IPB 3.4 too? This would be great I don't want to mess around with the ClassCaptcha Plugin files...
  6. why are you guys using this crappy ckeditor... tinymce is so much better :/
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