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  1. Thank you for the replies. Lets hope IPS gets this fixed in the upcoming version 4
  2. I know you guys are working on an overhaul of IPS for version 4.0. One of the things I hope you are working on is optimizing the forum search engine so that it can actually find things you are looking for. Here are two examples from users of the forum who are complaining about not being able to find what they are looking for even though the search terms that were entered were very clear: Quote Here is another instance: Quote
  3. I can go on and on about how bad the existing editor is on IPS. However, been there, done that. Here is the latest frustration... I am posting a page of Blu-ray cover art. It is my hope that when a person clicks on the artwork, they are taken directly to Amazon to order it via a URL link is embedded in the artwork...or at least that was my goal. I uploaded the artwork using the image uploader (which still takes at least 3 steps to accomplish) The upload was done by clicking the jpeg image on my desktop, attaching and adding to post. Then, I highlighted that text image link and clicked on the LINK button to insert the URL link. When completed, clicking on the image does not take me to the URL. It does nothing. Am I missing a step here? Thank You
  4. Instant and daily email post notification links do not take the reader to the last or actual post in the thread. Instead of taking the reader to the actual post, it brings up a prior thread in that page. Any chance of fixing this so when a reader wants to access a post he/she has been notified of in email, that the browser takes that individual to the exact post in question? I am using the latest version of Chrome, access through Apple Mail. Forum members are complaining of the same problem using Safari on their iPad whereas they are taken to the first post in the thread instead of the actual post they are being notified of.
  5. It's not usually on the initial edit. Sometimes I have to add material to existing posts on several occasions. Usually on the second or third edit there are HTML codes thrown into the message without me even checking off the HTML box. I will submit a ticket along with a Jing video.
  6. I realize you are being sarcastic. But why make it more complicated than it should be? Users should be able to just point their cursor where they want the image to appear in the editor. Then the process would be... 1. Click on image button and located image on desktop 2. Click on file and select upload/attach No, 3 steps is not more complicated -- but take it from someone that is constantly using the editor -- it is more cumbersome and it's a step backwards from what most every other forum editor can do.
  7. Again, I will repeat this only because it continues to be a glaring problem... If I have to edit a message, it turns itself into HTML coding without me even selecting that option. Also, anytime I save something in HTML (which I am forced to do to get any kind of proper formatting) I can't go back and add anything to the post such as an image or any additional information. I work with this editor hours on end every day and I am pulling out what little hair I have left on my head.
  8. I have never seen anything as whacky as the image upload process on IPS. 3 steps to do what all other forum editors do in 2. ...and many times, I do the first two steps (upload, choose file) and completely forget about the third step whereas you have to attach the file. It's that 3rd step that is completely crazy. ...but then again, this is the worst editor I have seen anywhere. I am hoping IPS is really sincere about making it better in 4.0.
  9. Rikki, I very much appreciate your responses here. I wanted IPS to be aware of my concerns and the fact that you took the time to address them is most welcome. All I am asking is that you take a look at how extensively CKeditor is being used elsewhere and mimic that here. The editor is THE most important aspect of any forum platform. It should be the very best available. I greatly look forward to 4.0 and anticipate that IPS will address the concerns brought up here.
  10. The codes I am seeing introduced into my posts are "<br> <p> and &nbsp;" which are all HTML codes used for spacing. All I need to do is to take a normal post, edit it more than once, and then suddenly these codes are introduced. Yes, we are. The same problems still exist that was in the prior version. Listen.... I feel like the lone wolf out here. I have been complaining about this damn editor since the first day we arrived on this platform and it seems very few people have similar complaints. As I noted above, I do a lot of extensive work within the editor. We came from Huddler. Their editor (which is a form of CKeditor) is pretty unbelievable. You can cut and paste feature-rich text with pictures into the editor and it is perfectly preserved for post. Fancy fonts are preserved and formatting perfectly resembles the original whether it is copied from an email, Word or PDF document. On IPS, you can't copy and paste pictures into the editor. Every picture must be uploaded individually and it's an annoying 3-step process which really should only be 2 steps (click on image button, select photo). Feature rich content with fancy fonts are dumbed down to regular type when posted on the IPS forum. Furthermore, the editor does not support content put into tables (vertical columns) unless saved in HTML. The problem is, once you convert/save a post to HTML, you can't edit it because of all the coding in the message. It amazes me that the potential to have a really first-rate editor is within grasp and IPS doesn't want to embrace it. I had thought that IPS was striving to be better than every other platform out there. The editor is its biggest hindrance. Is it really a big deal for IPS to overhaul its editor so that its capable of handling whatever gets cut and pasted into it? If a company like Huddler can do it, and their large network of forum owners are happy with their efforts, why is it a problem for IPS to duplicate? I am really sorry for the rant, but it's a constant struggle to deal with the IPS editor on a daily basis -- especially when I have seen something much better accomplished elsewhere.
  11. You know, I feel the need to continue to drive this point home.... The editor on IPS is horrible. I do a lot of posting on our site. Whether it be press releases or reviews. I am constantly working with the editor. Today, I just posted a movie review. Found the need to go in and edit it shortly after posting. The editor turned everything into HTML coding although I didn't ask it to. I then found a button to take the coding out but it managed to screw up the formatting of the post. There has got to be a better WYSIWYG editor that can be built from the ground up that does a better job of handling anything you throw into it. If a company like Huddler can do it, why can't IPS?
  12. Really hoping that someone at IPS discovers a hole in our system that we only need to patch up. We just had someone come to our forum tonight, going on a little spree and posting drug ads in in several different threads.
  13. Thank you to bfarber and 3DKiwi for the assistance. Mark, I also greatly appreciate your offer for help. I have submitted a ticket this morning with support services. You will know it is mine because it mentions your name and this thread. Thank You.
  14. Update... We are still having basically the same spam problems as before. Members signing up, daily, posting messages that contain links to illegal software. No matter how many times we flag these spammers, it doesn't seem as if IPS is learning anything and stopping future registrations. BTW, this is the method of which we are taking care of spammers in case we are doing something wrong... Hover the mouse over the username. A box appears with their username and stats. Within that box, at the bottom, is a button called FLAG SPAMMER. We simply click that option and it deletes the post and prevents user from posting further. Should we be using another method?
  15. First, forgive me.... Our forum is new here to IPS. I am a forum owner but don't have access to the client resources area of this forum. There doesn't seem to be a general area for members to ask questions to each other about the platform such as the one I am about to ask. So, forgive me for posting this in the only area I have access to talk with other members. We are currently running 3.4.3. Is 3.4.4 generally bug free and stable enough that we don't have to worry about upgrading to? Thank you in advance.
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