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    Hi working on a friends site. tho im getting the error anyone with any tips lmk ❤️ also why does description not show in tooltip hover. And when u fill out reason why does it auto not chose that reason? why it gotta be manually typed Data too long for column 'awarded_title' at row 1
  2. what about auto follow tickets that you created? and notifications for staff Does this work for this plugin?
  3. Hello i bought your plugin love it. ive made my own edits to fit what i wanted. but have a question because i cant figure it out my self. is there a way to make it show images thaat are inside a post? if its within the amount of lines? attached an example of my site. when i post my updates i use img's is there a way to have them show?
  4. For anyone asking had to uninstall reinstall got same error.. disabled the plugin and enabled it and working now ❤️
  5. i installed settings-plugin is that correct? soz for the issues =[ think im doing everything correct right? i looked at install guide and followed it not quite sure what i did wrong =[
  6. [[Template core/global/plugins/superblocks does not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] any help for this ran support tool comes up with nothing. does not work on default theme
  7. Got a question a bit confused. https://caydespub.com/community/ticket/destiny-2/1-r8/ im trying to get another field to show up in the post and its not showing? and when i use {value} or tittle setting it dont show.. what am i doing wrong? ❤️thanks if you reply
  8. sweet! dope! ill be waiting!
  9. any news on 4.3 support would really love to buy this
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