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  1. Hello, How could I change the number of listed files? Thanks.
  2. As a customer I hate to be slowed in my search by this "Flood control is enabled. Please wait at least 8 seconds before attempting to search again" message. A little empathy for your customers please? Or do you prefer to receive call supports from clients who never took the time to find the answer themselves?
  3. The date in the day view (Template: Calendar -> calendarEventsList) header and <TITLE> code should adapt to date formats in System -> Settings -> Advanced -> Date, Time and Number Formats. Actually, dates parts (e.g. month text) are translated as in the template language. But date pieces order are always in the English format, regardless of the formats entered in the System Settings. Maybe this feedback apply also to other templates in Calendar. Thanks. Discussions as reference: Calendar Day View Template Change date format in calendar
  4. No. One when a new topic in the forum is approved by the moderator. I mentioned Downloads notification just as an example. My suggestion is about the forums only.
  5. In Downloads, users receive notifications in the top nav menu when their file is approved by a moderator. But they don't receive such notification when their messages in the Board section (New Topic) are approved. I think it could be good it if would.
  6. All I found on AppStore is IP Buddy. Is there another iPhone app to access IP.Board forums? using IP Buddy, in the forum I accessed, it tells me "This iPhone app has been discontinued. Download the new iPhone app now!" But following this link (http://www.invisionpower.com/download/goiphone.php) opens iTunes in AppStore but there is no app (not in the Canadian store, nore in the US store).
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