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  1. Yes, this is perhaps in "Custom settings".
  2. No, a complete system to enable/disable features (A background picker, a color picker...) implanted in the skin. This has nothing to do with the design.
  3. Hi, First of all, I would like to say that it's really good work, the IPS team is really strong and I would like to congratulate them. ;) Now, I'd like to have a system for creating different works easily as on XenForo (style properties). This system allows to implement features on the skins that can be enabled/disabled easily, as for example, a background picker. This kind of system will be on the new version of IP.Board? Thanks.
  4. You are really very, very strong. The IPS team is really very experienced and I have rarely seen better. The design is perfect, I love! Good works guys! ;)
  5. Unfortunately I do not have money to purchase this product which is IP.Board. :( The new software really promises to be truly amazing! :o ACP is really beautiful, compatibility on mobiles. :o Let me reiterate you once again: excellent work guys! I am really impressed with the first images showing the ACP. :o
  6. The design is quite simply stunning! :o Respect to the staff. ;)
  7. I'm very happy for "Pluralization". If you look good, there are many foolish things like this sentence: "1 user are online (in the past 15 minutes)" if there is only one user online, why put "are"? I'd love to have an instantaneous correction words - move from singular to plural when necessary.
  8. Ehren is without doubt the best designer for IP.Board.
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