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  1. will it work with wordpress version 3.8 for example? specified in the logs updates vorpress version 3.6.1
  2. why adding a new VIP member list is not displayed in the VIP group in admin panel: " alt="4f82d5bcd355.png"> on site: " alt="c1e22369de9d.png"> and still have a problem recently with the addition of himself. The problem: the countdown is back, though true, but with this it adds to the remaining days and often see off the job scheduler this error occurs sometimes when removing VIP member " alt="e26c04b78dd8.png">
  3. my mistake I apologize. everything works fine)))
  4. I for some reason does not work ((( " alt="43b9138651c9.png">
  5. There was an urgent need to update the converter. An urgent need to convert kunena 2.0.4 forum to ipboard. But you have to support only version 1.7 I think you will not be difficult to update. Many thanks in advance. Are waiting for a lot of people!
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