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  1. Can anyone explain how to upgrade from Promenu basic 3.1.1 to 3.2.2? I have downloaded 3.2.2 but being new to upgrading IPS applications I don't know what to do next. CodingJungle's extremely limited documentation only covers installation http://codingjungle.com/tutorials/_/invision-power-services/applications/application-installation-guide-for-ips-3xx-r4 and the other links I have checked do not exist http://demo.provisionists.com/documentation/ or no longer have documentation http://demo.codingjungle.com/index I guess it might be done through the ACP -> Applications & Modules -> Manage Applications & Modules -> Check for updates but that shows 0 updates available. Is the Promenu update URL http://provisionists.org/index.php?app=froggy&module=versions&section=versions&app_key=promenu correct? Very much look forward to finding out how and being able to upgrade.
  2. Hi, Earlier today I spotted the store on the IPS Preview site but it disappeared under my feet this afternoon while I was looking at it and is now offline. Are there any blogs, videos or details of the functionality it now offers? From what I briefly saw it looked much more like a proper online store like Prestashop rather than IP.Nexus which seems to be written primarily for IPS to handle subscriptions and file download payments. In particular can anyone tell me if it supports: Multiple payment providers such as PayPal and Worldpay etc as I don't want to handle credit cards on site due to PCI DSS considerations.Ability to add shipping for physical goods and vary it depending upon world zone i.e. the country being shipped to?Can the store be used without an account being setup for those one off shoppers who do not want their details stored?Many thanks, Nick
  3. Looking really good. It's a pity you have not shown how IP.Content articles or IP.Board forums look at the three supported breakpoints - desktop, tablet and mobile. What happens to the global sidebar position on mobile does it appear at the top or bottom? I hope the positioning is configurable as I like my content to take centre stage followed by any sidebar blocks.
  4. In View New Content the 'Preview this topic' arrow does preview the first unread post if there is one e.g. it shows first post, first unread post and last post. I realise the 'Preview this topic' arrow itself is something of a hidden feature for many of my forum members but I find it really useful.
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