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  1. As someone who is an avid apple fan, also having a few friends who work for apple, I can guarantee you that isn't a problem as I'm rather asking user opinion rather than advertising. Also im not asking you guys IPB vs. VBulletin. I'm asking who you host your IPB with so that I can in turn have a great user experience.
  2. I did think about this yes, but as I have other websites that wouldn't be IPB related, I'm looking to have a one stop shop that unfortunately that option wouldn't work for me. That's rather unfortunate if that's the case.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking into switching hosting providers due to limitations and them not being able to comply with requests from IPS to troubleshoot why their servers are not responding with the IPS licence. Mind you I have a business account with this company. Any who, after weeks of excruciating hours, I have decided to take my business elsewhere as I host multiple sites. I'm asking you as the community, what company do you find works for you? And what IPB version do you run? I was looking into HostGators business plan.
  4. This would be pretty awesome to see in a future update, or at least having the feature to let the community decide if they want to terminate their own account, which will help eliminate the dead accounts build up.
  5. There should be a way to make things purchasable with only a coupon so when the product shows on the store page and the price shows up, instead of showing an actual price seeing as this product doesn't have a cost it would say coupon only. This helps for giveaways ect..
  6. If you purchased this product, please submit a support ticket at http://kingmediaproduction.com/ and don't forget to include your ipb username so I can confirm your purchase.

  7. Is there a reason why when using a normal member account I'm unable to create forum posts within collabs when joining a group that I never created? This is the message I received: Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.Error code: 2S100/2
  8. Id have hoped soo but its something that needs to be changed in the future update
  9. It needs a lot of work, and stick away from using google found images, try something original and use png soo it looks like it was meant to be there rather than a copy and paste.
  10. Hey Team, I feel that its quite redundant to have the home page of your store display a un-removable widget that displays commerce categories off to the right of your store when right on the centre of it all still on the home page, it displays your categories followed with a picture (this can be seen in picture 1 below). However it is quite handy and necessary to have it when browsing categories (this can be seen in picture 2 below). Please fix this on the next update! Picture 1: Picture 2:
  11. I totally agree with this. I do also agree that you're not monsters and trying to protect yourself from fraud. But set yourselves apart from the competition. Stop being hard on people when it's not necessary. You and I both know that this doesn't stop fraudulent activities from happening though it does protect your servers from overload. But let's be real here on how many changes actually occur. And you guys should realize you already create a steep price on the forum software and add-ons. There should be a thin line of exceptional use in what we as a customer have the right to do. Since we are purchasing owned licensing. Do note that sometimes we have ideas on projects and they don't strive so we move on to the next one. But seeing as we pay you to get updates etc. . We shouldn't have to pay you to change a licence. Fix this. It truly is a problem and don't be blind to the fact at hand. You will have more happy customers if you give them the freedom they deserve. You may not see complaints but a lot of us don't feel the need to bring things up. Or better yet don't want/ need the attention. Now having said that and don't get me wrong iv been using IPB since 2009. I started out as a customer who used the service as nulled software. I waited until my community at the time was able to donate enough money soo we could all scrounge just to make sure we're doing our part and bought ipb. Iv had 2 licence soo far with you guys. Now left with only one. Which I don't plan on removing. But something you should keep in mind is that some of us do enjoy taking your software to its boundaries and doing something most aren't. For me that would be using the software to create a clothing store. As well as an ios central. But at a testing fast you limit us to resort to other resources by limiting what we can do with our licence in terms of domain switching. See in a case like this you really need to make exceptions. Because let's say I get my clothing store to work. Then yes as a dedicated customer I would buy a second licence. And a third if I got my ios central to work. But guess what. By controlling the masses for something soo simple we resort to other things.. ? not proud at all. Say what you have to say, but don't try and say you're not making money already. This has to change.
  12. But that would require time and the purchase of ipb content correct?
  13. Is IPB 4 compatible with wordpress? In other words, I want to have a login presented through wordpress using ipb. system (cms) Or somewhat in this general grey area.
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