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  1. Thanks Joel R for the advice. I have already made a dry run of the migration from vB 4 and it has worked a treat. The static content is plain HTML/CSS so I'm guessing that's a manual conversion to Pages when the time comes. Good to know the switch to web root is that easy!
  2. I have a busy site with lots of static content that currently includes a vB forum in a sub-folder. My long-term aim is to convert the entire site over to Invision Community, using Pages for the homepage and much of the non-forum content. However, this is a massive job and needs to be phased. There is an imperative to migrate the forum first and the only sensible option seems to be to install Invision Community at mydomain/forum. My question is, how easy will it be to subsequently move Invision Community to site root when the time comes to port content to Pages and make that the primary application? Are there any considerations I should be taking into account now, before I migrate the forum that will make life easier later?
  3. This confused me (a lot). While editing a post, if the user chooses to cancel the edit, they are presented with a confirmation alert giving the option to Cancel or OK. Which one cancels the edit, the one that says "Cancel" or the one that says "OK". The text in the alert box is so brief as to be meaningless. It would be much more helpful if the alert box were to say "Are you sure you want to cancel your edits to this post?" along with "Yes" and "No" buttons. Confusion averted and resulting in a much better user experience.
  4. In fact, you need to include the overflow property to force the scroll bar: pre.ipsCode{ max-height:500px; overflow:auto; }
  5. Of course, but it should be there by default. It always was in the past and I'm just thinking that it was an oversight.
  6. Hmm, I guess this request didn't really chime with anyone else but I think it's an important usability issue. I suppose this could be an easy fix using just CSS?
  7. Very long blocks of code present a problem for the readability of forum threads. Commonly, this is resolved by adding a scroll bar to the block after a reasonable number of lines. IPB4 does not do this, which leads to crazy long code blocks and almost unreadable threads like this one. Could we please have scroll bar functionality for code blocks in 4.1?
  8. I realise development efforts are primarily directed towards stability at the moment but is there any update on this? I'd love to move my forum to IPB but can't do so until the "None" code option has been restored to 4.0.
  9. This just seems way too difficult for something that ought to be in there by default. I cannot understand why a non-highlighted code option isn't included as an option. This one addition would mean code blocks can be added to posts for any language (sans highlighting). As it stands, I can't move to IPS and as I said above, this is a deal-breaker , which is really sad because in every other respect, IPS is ideal.
  10. OK, that makes sense (sort of). What I've found is that the structure of the markup is different and even though the same classes and IDs are used, the results are not predictable. Probably would have been better to use different class/ID names on front and back ends, which would still allow both to be styled in one place. But the selector prefix is a good workaround.
  11. ​Thanks Charles. I didn't realise that was there. Still finding my way round. @Marcher Technologies are you saying that for the sake of specificity, all CSS selectors for front-end presentation should use a .ipsApp_front selector prefix? So CSS should look something like this: /* Text colour for footer */ .ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_footer a, .ipsApp_front #ipsLayout_footer p { color: #f8f8f8; }
  12. Ah! OK, you have to install everything in reverse order otherwise nothing works (the install error message is not clear). 1. Add button: Line Utilities 2. Add button: Widget 3. Add button: Code Snippet It almost works If I add some LISP code and select any option, it just gets posted as plain text and not a code block, presumably because the language is not recognised. So, all I need to do now is spend a few weeks learning how to write a javascript syntax highlighter for LISP. Oh joy!
  13. OK, I installed Code Snippet, Widget and Line Utilities (dependencies) using the Admin CP. All went well but having done that, I see no difference in the editor or in the code options drop-down. Do I need to edit some config file or initialise it in some way?
  14. ​OK, point taken But, when you say "drop in", what exactly do you mean? If you could give a brief pointer on this, I'll check it out. Thanks.
  15. ​I've no doubt I could spend a couple of weeks working on a bespoke solution to the problem but it seems nonsensical to remove a feature that made the product much more inclusive. Effectively, IPB4 cannot be used by any community of coders that require anything other than HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.
  16. Having done some more research, it seems that there is a "None" option in IPB3.4 but this has been dropped in IPB4. Why on Earth did that happen? This could well be a deal-breaker for me. I'm currently planning a move from vB for a forum with a large proportion of coders using coding languages other than those available in IPB4.
  17. I'm enjoying working with IPS4 and developing a new child theme for my site but I have one major annoyance. The Custom CSS works well in controlling the look and feel of the front-end (Board etc.) but annoyingly, it also changes the admin (back-end) design too and this often clashes. So, effects I want to add to the front-end cause the admin to look weird. Is there any way to have a child theme control the front-end and maintain the default theme for the admin?
  18. When adding code blocks to a post, the only options are HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. But what about all the other code languages out there. Obviously it's not possible to cater for every language but can we please at least have a "plain" code option that doesn't attempt any highlighting. At least that way other code languages can be added, even if not highlighted. At the moment, the only option is to use one of the available options which results in odd and incorrect highlighting.
  19. CKEditor integration with IPB is excellent and I love the "Add Code" functionality and code syntax highlighting. However, the default code modes are HTML, CSS, PHP and JS, all very sensible choices but I need to add LISP syntax highlighting for my board. I see that CKEditor is compatible with a number of highlighters and I'm guessing that the default on IPB is Prettify, which doesn't support LISP. But CKEditor is also cmpatible with highlight.js, which does support LISP. So, my question is: how do I switch to highlight.js and add a LISP mode to the options on the editor?
  20. In the main, responsive adsense ads seem to work well with the responsive layout but I have come across one consistent bug with the "Just below page header" zone on Google Chrome. The bug seems to be something to to with the 979px breakpoint (when the hamburger menu appears). When the viewport is less than 979px, the ad appears as it should but above 979px, the ad does not appear at all. The ad displays as expected on other browsers.
  21. I'm really impressed by what you've done at the front-end in terms of design. Could you tell us what consideration you have given to accessibility? For example, are you using WAI-ARIA landmark roles etc? Perhaps another blog post on accessibility?
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