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  1. So I found the template file for the code block modal in Core>global>editor>code: <div class="ipsPad ipsForm ipsForm_vertical" data-controller='core.global.editor.code' data-editorid='{$editorId}' data-randomstring='{$randomString}'> <form method='get' action='#'> <div class="ipsPad ipsAreaBackground_light"> <div class="ipsFieldRow ipsFieldRow_fullWidth ipsFieldRow_primary ipsLoading" data-role="codeContainer"> <textarea id='elCodeInput{$randomString}'>{$val}</textarea> </div> <div class='ipsFieldRow'> <button type='submit' class="ipsButton ipsButton_primary cEditorURLButton cEditorURLButtonInsert" data-action="linkButton">{lang="editor_media_insert"}</button> <div class="ipsPos_right"> <select id='elCodeMode{$randomString}' data-role="codeModeSelect" data-codeLanguage="{$language}"> <option value="null">{lang="editor_code_null"}</option> <option value="htmlmixed" {{if $language == 'html' OR $language == 'htmlmixed'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_htmlmixed"}</option> <option value="css" {{if $language == 'css'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_css"}</option> <option value="javascript" {{if $language == 'javascript'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_javascript"}</option> <option value="php" {{if $language == 'php'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_php"}</option> <option value="sql" {{if $language == 'sql'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_sql"}</option> <option value="xml" {{if $language == 'xml'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_xml"}</option> </select> </div> </div> </div> </form> </div> Would the solution be as simple as changing the null option to be "selected"? UPDATE: Editing this template makes no difference to the drop-down and the options must be coming from elsewhere? This would make sense because the options on the actual drop-down don't match those shown in the template:
  2. By default, the syntax highlighting in code blocks is set to HTML. This may be OK for the majority of forums, but if a forum is a special interest group for a different code language, users must set the value every time they use a code block. Is there a way to change the default to something other than HTML, even if it's "No Syntax Highlighting"?
  3. It would have been really good to have had a heads-up on that change prior to the upgrade. It's really not a good experience to do a minor upgrade from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 and see your forum layout completely broken. Also, there seems to be some inconsistency in the information provided for this in the Admin CP... Should we use the dollar prefix or not? And there's no mention of "$raw". Could you clarify?
  4. I think you're right about it being a cache issue, it simply resolved itself and now looks fine. Didn't have to use the support tool.
  5. OK, so this is what I know so far, the CodeMirror files are installed with IPS and live at: Install_folder > applications > core > interface > codemirror CodeMirror supports the language I need (lisp) but this is not installed by default. So far, that's about it. If someone could at least confirm that it is CodeMirror that's being used for syntax highlighting I'd be most grateful and if anyone can just give me a hint as to how to proceed, I also be grateful.
  6. This is a strange one... Everything looks fine when the default language English (USA) is used but I wanted to give the option to have dates displayed in the international style (DD-MM-YYYY), so I created a new language and gave it the English (United Kingdom) localisation. Before I'd made any translations, I noticed that some words were missing from the interface when the new language was used. Specifically "and" and "or" but only in certain places. Here's an example: I haven't made any template edits that affect the pages involved, so what's going on? I'm stumped. Curiously, I can't even find the affected strings in the language file, so where are they? ?
  7. Ah, hang on, it looks like IPS is now using CodeMirror for syntax highlighting, is that correct? If so, I need to know how to add Common Lisp mode. Any pointers?
  8. Syntax highlighting in IPS has really improved since I last looked at it a few years ago. However, the language I need is not included by default. I need syntax highlighting for LISP and I can see that this is supported in highlight.js, which I believe the Code Snippet plugin uses by default. So my question is, how do I include LISP on the list of available options in my editor?
  9. I've just spent the whole of this week doing a dry-run migration of a vB4 forum with over half a million posts to IPS Forums. I've created a new theme and I've added Adsense ads and all the other stuff that's needed for a successful migration. I've also had a few trusted members take a look at the new forum and received feedback. I thought it would be helpful if I related my initial impressions. First off, I'm really impressed. Moving from vB4, I can hardly believe how thoughtful the design of this software is. I love the ethos of taking the burden away from the admins and mods and, at the same time, providing a great user experience for everyone who uses it. So, five stars for that. Second, I'm also impressed how intuitive (mostly) everything is. I managed to do everything this week with only a few references to the support materials. When I did need that support, the documentation was excellent. So, five stars for that too. Third, I love that IPS Forums looks, feels and functions like a thoroughly modern web application. It's head and shoulders above any other forum out there and I've had some great feedback from my testers - they can't wait to start using the live board. OK, so is everything perfect? No. I'm going to complain about the two things that annoyed me this week. The first is relatively minor but really should be sorted out. The second is (IMO) significant and ought to be a priority for the next iteration of IPS Forums. 1. Theme Editing: There is some ambiguity when setting theme colours. There are two ways of doing this, the Theme Editor and the Easy Mode Editor but they each offer different options for the same elements. E.g. the theme editor allows the user to select a single colour for the header while the easy mode editor allows for the selection of a colour or the creation of a gradient. So which one takes precedent? It's not really clear and although I started using the theme editor, I soon gave up and used only the easy mode editor to avoid any ambiguity. I think this needs to be better thought through. That's not to say that the Easy Mode Editor isn't brilliant, it is, but theme editing is confusing. 2. Advertisements: This is a significant issue. I know this because even vBulletin 4 got this right back in 2009. Like many admins, I use Google Adsense to support my site but I was alarmed to see that the hooks for the default ads are placed in the global template, meaning that the header and footer ads appear on EVERY page, even those with no content and clearly violating Google's terms and conditions. I couldn't believe that an application, so thoughtful and user-centred in every other respect, would not have considered this. The only safe solution I found was to manually edit the template files to add my own custom hook. It's really out of order to expect all users to take such a deep dive into this application just to satisfy the T&Cs of their ad providers. Of course, there are a couple of plug-ins that will prevent ads appearing on some pages but they are not comprehensive and they appear to work by hiding the ad via CSS. This is not a good solution as the HTML ad code still appears on non-content pages. I did a quick search on this forum and found lot's of examples of admins who had received a warning from Google after adding ad code to IPS Forums. In October 2017, @Lindy said "Just to note, we're aware of this concern and are considering solutions such as an option to exclude ads on login, error, register and pages that guests cannot access." As far as I'm aware, there's been no update on this. C'mon IPS! This really needs sorting out. Other than those two, one minor and one major issues. it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.
  10. This confused me (a lot). While editing a post, if the user chooses to cancel the edit, they are presented with a confirmation alert giving the option to Cancel or OK. Which one cancels the edit, the one that says "Cancel" or the one that says "OK". The text in the alert box is so brief as to be meaningless. It would be much more helpful if the alert box were to say "Are you sure you want to cancel your edits to this post?" along with "Yes" and "No" buttons. Confusion averted and resulting in a much better user experience.
  11. In fact, you need to include the overflow property to force the scroll bar: pre.ipsCode{ max-height:500px; overflow:auto; }
  12. Of course, but it should be there by default. It always was in the past and I'm just thinking that it was an oversight.
  13. Hmm, I guess this request didn't really chime with anyone else but I think it's an important usability issue. I suppose this could be an easy fix using just CSS?
  14. Very long blocks of code present a problem for the readability of forum threads. Commonly, this is resolved by adding a scroll bar to the block after a reasonable number of lines. IPB4 does not do this, which leads to crazy long code blocks and almost unreadable threads like this one. Could we please have scroll bar functionality for code blocks in 4.1?
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