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    StormyWays13 reacted to Morrigan in Pages Blocks enhancements   
    So I have a ton of blocks and well I'm starting to lose control of them and figured it may be a good idea to request some feature enhancements for it so that I can both clean up my blocks and also use them more efficiently.

    Of course there is categorizing which is great but sometimes I mis-categorize some of my blocks. This is a particular pain point when you have to look for it on the front end. The enhancements on the front end I'd like are:
    Categories collapsed by default when you open the edit bit, this way I don't have to scroll through my massive list of blocks or manually close them until the right category comes up. Ability to search the list like you can search in the ACP, just a quick like "block title" search that filters out any blocks that don't have that title. It would just make life so much easier. Next! I don't know which of my blocks are in circulation and where so trying to clean up, organize and get rid of unused blocks is a nightmare. Right now I see a list of blocks with the code and that's it and since I use a lot of Plugins the title could be repeated. The enhancements I'd like for this:
    At minimum I want a count of how many locations that a block is located on the manage screen. Bonus points if you can click on that number and see the locations like: Forums > Index, Page > Test, Gallery > Albums, Gallery > Categories 
    The physical location doesn't matter (As in sidebar, header or footer) to me as much as the page it exists on.
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    StormyWays13 reacted to Morrigan in When installing mobile app it should AUTO ADD your community   
    This is just a UX thing. If you're prompted to or you install the app it should automatically add the community that you're adding it from. This could be just because I've installed it from the ACP but that shouldn't change the design here. Having to search for the community after the fact is just a step people won't enjoy taking.
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    StormyWays13 got a reaction from breatheheavy in New subscriber taken to a thank you page   
    This would be an awesome feature to have!
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    StormyWays13 reacted to breatheheavy in New subscriber taken to a thank you page   
    Hey team, wondering...
    Is it possible to have someone who just signed up for a subscription taken to a thank you page?
    Currently... there doesn't appear to be a method to thank them for their support after they've subscribed. They subscribe and then once it processes, it takes them back to the subscriptions page. 
    I'd love to have them immediately sent to a page thanking them. Thoughts? 
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    StormyWays13 reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    If you mean filtering content by tags - yes, we may consider adding such feature while working on future updates.
    Assuming you are talking about Clubs, yes, this is a planned feature.
    Yes, of course. However, please remember that you still need to assign roles to these groups (edit a group in ACP to do that).
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