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  1. Will this still work after upgrading to 4.5?
  2. @Sonya* thanks so much for the quick reply and answers to my questions.
  3. Question, but first off I want to say GREAT feature. Thank you for building this. I followed your instructions and they were simple. Turned my homepage into something really special. www.AngelsWin.com My question is two fold: First on mobile, is there a way to add the red bar blocks that are present for the standard blocks (not super blocks) on the mobile view? They're not there on mobile devices, only shows up on desktop. Our Picks is the standard block that shows the red bar across to illustrate the area below. Second question is, is there a way to mak
  4. It's great. 100x better than before. Thanks a bunch, @Rhett. 🙏
  5. I would like to give Rhett Buck some major props for going above and beyond on my major migration and upgrade over to Invision's Cloud hosting servers from GoDaddy. Give this man a raise. He's the best!
  6. How long will it be in BETA before the full version is released?
  7. I don't see the option when I go to Community Enhancements. Is that because I already installed the app from here 5-6 months ago? Do I need to uninstall the above plugin and then I will see Invision Board's version?
  8. It would be great if Invision Board can add a .Gif button like what Facebook and Twitter has for posts/tweets. Example pics below.
  9. Oh mine is just a custom theme that I created from IP Board. I didn't download the theme from anywhere. Is it still going to write over it or? Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. -Chuck
  10. Question? If I download this will anything change my forum theme? Anything else I should be concerned about when running the auto upgrade from the Admin Panel? Thanks in advance. I'm always leary of upgrading to a major release, but I'm also really excited about the changing included in this one. -Chuck
  11. Oh great, thank you @Ryan Ashbrook. Any ETA on when 4.2 will launch?
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