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  1. So is mine! Just came back up. Now we have to find out what happened. I have like 20 emails and 15 text messages. lol
  2. Hi @Paul E. my server is in the Invision Cloud and has been for over a year. I raised a ticket but haven't heard back. Seems like it's happening to other cloud customers as well.
  3. Please let me know what you find out @Anna Macleod once you do. I will do the same.
  4. Hi @Rhett @Matt can you look at this ASAP? My website is down. I know you mentioned my website was next in rotation to be moved to another server so I wonder if that's why? I submitted a support ticket but I haven't heard back so trying here. I wonder if its because our websites are being moved to another server?
  5. My website AngelsWin.com has been running great and I haven't made any changes for some time in the admin panel, but suddenly just 30 minutes ago it won't render my website or forums. This is the error I get.. Any thoughts? I reached out to support as my website is hosted by Invision in their cloud services.
  6. Will this still work after upgrading to 4.5?
  7. I'm not able to find it anywhere as I closed the browser tab it was in and I need to make edits to it before it was set to be published on (tomorrow).
  8. @Sonya* thanks so much for the quick reply and answers to my questions.
  9. Question, but first off I want to say GREAT feature. Thank you for building this. I followed your instructions and they were simple. Turned my homepage into something really special. www.AngelsWin.com My question is two fold: First on mobile, is there a way to add the red bar blocks that are present for the standard blocks (not super blocks) on the mobile view? They're not there on mobile devices, only shows up on desktop. Our Picks is the standard block that shows the red bar across to illustrate the area below. Second question is, is there a way to make the default purple color from the Super Blocks into the color of my website's theme, the same color as the standard blocks? Thanks so much!
  10. It's great. 100x better than before. Thanks a bunch, @Rhett. 🙏
  11. I would like to give Rhett Buck some major props for going above and beyond on my major migration and upgrade over to Invision's Cloud hosting servers from GoDaddy. Give this man a raise. He's the best!
  12. So I believe this is just a Google Chrome issue, because I'm not able to repro this in Microsoft 10's Edge browser, Firefox or the native Samsung mobile browser, just Google Chrome both on Mobile and Desktop. I cleared cookies/cache and toggled on/off for pop-ups and this issue went away.
  13. Ah ok, I looked and I'm not seeing that plugin installed. I know that I didn't install it from the marketplace.
  14. Hi @opentype, the image isn't showing. Can you tell me what plugin you're referring to? It says "Sorry, we can't show you this content because you do not have permission to see it."
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