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  1. How long will it be in BETA before the full version is released?
  2. I don't see the option when I go to Community Enhancements. Is that because I already installed the app from here 5-6 months ago? Do I need to uninstall the above plugin and then I will see Invision Board's version?
  3. It would be great if Invision Board can add a .Gif button like what Facebook and Twitter has for posts/tweets. Example pics below.
  4. Oh mine is just a custom theme that I created from IP Board. I didn't download the theme from anywhere. Is it still going to write over it or? Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. -Chuck
  5. Question? If I download this will anything change my forum theme? Anything else I should be concerned about when running the auto upgrade from the Admin Panel? Thanks in advance. I'm always leary of upgrading to a major release, but I'm also really excited about the changing included in this one. -Chuck
  6. Oh great, thank you @Ryan Ashbrook. Any ETA on when 4.2 will launch?
  7. I have a question re: the current supported versions of PHP and MySQL and the up and coming 4.2 suite. Will there need to be any upgrades to either of these current supported versions of PHP and MySQL before upgrading to 4.2? Thank you, I'll take your answers off the air. -Chuck
  8. Any idea when 4.2 comes out? Also, will there be any new requirements to PHP or MySQL versions that are currently compatible? Thank you!
  9. Thanks for all your help. I went ahead and installed the latest and greatest and we absolutely love it. Here it is: http://www.angelswin-forum.com/forums/
  10. Thanks, Stuart. I signed up for a DEMO and will play with it. Can you tell me what are the top 5 new features that are not available in 3x? Appreciate your responses. -Chuck
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