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  1. Yes. I make a comfortable living solely off my forum these days. It started as a simple place to provide updates on a game project I was running around 2012 or so. That project has long since ended but the forums have taken on a life of their own since then. 5 years later or so, after being laid off from my programming job at the time I just shrugged as the forums were already making more in ad revenue than I got from that job. I now just spend my work time doing various moderation/admin tasks and maintaining the servers as needed.
  2. Debian 8, 16gb+8cores+ssd, Nginx mainline, MariaDB 10.1 InnoDB, PHP-FPM 5.6/7.0 (tried both, but 7.0 was seemingly only loosely supported at the time), opcache (which was screwed up initially...), and tried pretty much every caching combination possible in the admin panel from nothing, redis, memcached, sql, and file. EDIT: Currently running with a dedicated remote SQL server, which wasn't the case during my attempted 4.0-4.1 upgrades. I doubt this would be the deciding factor now though, based off of my previous observations during upgrade, though even it were the ultimate
  3. I have a community of currently ~1,500,000 members, ~1,000,000 daily pageviews, and a 9gb database for the forums. I really want to upgrade, and I've tried twice now to upgrade my community; first to a midlife 4.0, and again to a midlife 4.1. They both ran like complete and utter crap. When not crashing the servers, they were ideally pushing 25% of the load times I got using 3.4. Even after optimizing them to the best of my knowledge. Using the same server environment that runs perfectly smooth with 3.4 with power to spare. It has been a complete and utter farce with 4.0+ to the poin
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