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  1. thanks im signed in on all of them top work thanks :)
  2. excellent that worked great :) much appreciated for a great addon, do you also have one for twitter and facebook?
  3. I have tried the install instructions, why would not I, sorry for being new no need to jump on me, i have added the 2 lines in the Google API, looks OK to me maybes a config error in the cpanel?
  4. i have tried ot set up google log in, i have only been able to log in once i keep getting this error, sorry if this is a obvious error in setting up the api, any idea son how i could fix this? :D www.xxx/ipboard/interface/board/google.php did not match a registered redirect URI
  5. no literally where it says ibpro arcade i want it to reflect my forum name instead of ibpro, there fix works for this but not for this skin
  6. yes tho it was not the ip board defualt skin it was the neat skin from the market area. I had to go to a language then search to find a filehookxxxxx then in the box opposite add the new text i.e my arcade instead of ibproarcade, i checked the lang file and its still set in there so theres another edit needed, any ideas how to naviage to the highlighted text in my screenshot? I bought both versions of this skin so be nice to change them both at the same time thanks for the reply
  7. i was pleased when i inserted it yday was easy enough great skin just a few small things i need fixing you any ideas about the screenshot above?
  8. like the man said earlier in this thread 5 out of 5! easy install and config! Only skins il ever buy for now on! I need help with a few small this if possible. I have managed to get my custom backgrounds working and looking great! I have the neat skin from here before that. I have ibproarcade installed and the scoreboard hook that shows the scores on every screen. I hade to do a edit in the manage languages, and i renamed the scoreboard, when installing both the new dark and light maxx skins this has reverted back, i have put a screenshow below with the inspect element viewable. I have went to the same hook in the language file but my changed text still shows there. Also is there a way on your skin to not show the slider in the arcade but every other part of the forum :smile: below is a screenshot of the root of my forum, its a new forum so there are no cats or sub forums viewable seems the skin edit has changed from pro arcades guide :D
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