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Hey there, my name is Payton Cory Keathley! I'm the Chief Executive Officer of Xiled Syndicate, the #1 multi-community network on the internet. Over the last decade, I have had a hand in creating several top tier brands across the gaming industry. Including industry leader, Xiled Gaming Network and rising stars The Xiled Ones, United Xiled Empire, Outlast The Opposition, and Xiled Sniping.

Aside from the gaming world I currently own and assist to operate Appalachian Peak, LLC, a multi-purpose company focusing on business marketing, management, investment, and liquidation.

I've managed to accomplish some really cool things in the short 25 years I've been on earth, and I have zero plans of slowing down. Stay connected with me on social media and never miss an innovation!

Connect with me: https://paytonkeathley.com/

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