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  1. @V0RT3X666helped me with everything I needed but anyone else is more than welcome to add me also. I plan to be more active on the actual IPB forums.
  2. Awesome! Just added, mine is MrXGN#7777 🙂
  3. Hello, I operate a large forum for my gaming organization, I currently have Wordpress as my main landing page, and IPB as my forums. I wish to somehow accomplish everything I'm doing between 2 websites via IPB. I just don't understand how to not have my forums look just like.. forums. Would anyone be willing to help me out and give advice via Discord or Skype? Would love insight on improving my website.
  4. Im trying to find the Pages Application to purchase and can not.
  5. I have done this, is it possible the default guest account has been changed?
  6. I remember being able to do this but for some reason now I can not. Anyone know how to make it so all guests have to register/sign in to see the forums?
  7. Any update for adblock blocker?

  8. I need help asap. Tickets not being read. Forums are down getting Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX144 Contact Us I'm clueless with this stuff and need help asap.
  9. You should really make sure the themes color schemes are correct before uploading.. I feel ripped off. Just saying.

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