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  1. No, nevermind my last post. It fixed itsself after the settings was saved. Solved. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the good reply. Yes, its likely that this is because of some cron not running properly. Good catch. After i wrote here, there was a blood red error message notifying me about this cron task also. Because we could not find any problems with cron we had to change to "run automatically with traffic" This fixed it. But the posts i marked for delete or move prior to my admin setting change remain stuck. I have no way to stop the status it is in currently, and i cannot delete them either. How can I get the forums I deleted to wake up again, so I can delete or move them properly, now with the correct setting?
  3. I moved a lot of forums a few hours ago, but they do not move and are stuck on the "moving/deleting" status for 3 hours now. It does not change front end either. It worked last week. What is typically wrong when this happens?
  4. I would like to have this feature, or purchase a module for it.
  5. xdmin

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    Anyone knows how i remove the link in the top menu? I cant find the hook for that. I only need it in the footer.
  6. I must said that translating IPboard is a real night mare. It might seem fine to just go trough all strings and translate them string by string but language really dont work like that. Some time a word means something else in a different setting. And sometimes the design cant handle longer words or text strings. Also it is really hard to locate strings like the one below. Maybe someone can help me out? '>
  7. Im not sure if this is the right forum but. Why cant i find a 'post new job' button in the request new project section here? http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/projects
  8. Yeah thats the problem. Specially cause or language is quite different in terms of building up sentences etc. And some times i need to use a short word because its a button etc. Would be really nice if someone made a inline translation tool :D
  9. Hey guys Im currently working on translation on my new ipboard and i came across a norwegian language pack. Problem is that is not complete. So i have some words here and there that needs translating. Sometimes it easy to identify the words but when i come across words ass 'members' 'forums' etc that needs translating its really hard to find the right string to translate. Are there any way of identifing language strings in the code? So its easier to translate? Thanks in advance for help full answers.
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