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  1. Hey! So this question was asked only once before, many many many moons ago that I saw, but appeared to have gotten lost in the shuffle and not answered. I currently have to go into my admin panel and look at who was awarded a medal to read the medal note. Is there any way to display the medal note on the profile display tab for Trophies and Medals? I feel like this has to be an option somewhere, but I'm just not finding it. Thank you so much for the app, by the way, I really do love it!
  2. Oh, no, I meant on the app creation side so that I can use the editor when I create the description, not the application. I know how to do that. Really? That's unfortunate ? I was hoping it was just a matter of moving the coding placement >.< xD Oh my!
  3. @Fosters You'd already responded to me so I got the tab fixed forever ago xD , and as for the second part you had said so I thought you had understood xD but I'll elaborate :3 Basically I was just thinking of having the description box be the larger text editor like this, because mine looks like: And instead I was wondering if we could make it like: So that people could see what they wrote to fix it for larger prompts. I was also wondering if, there could be an option where instead of the description being underneath the question, being on top. Because, basically, one of the types of questions I have is that I show them a poorly written prompt, and ask them to correct it to, essentially, measure their ability to provide constructive criticism, since my board is a roleplaying board and often we need to give constructive criticism on character applications, etc. And if the prompt is below the text box it might be confusing for them. I hope that clears up what I'd meant :3
  4. Thank you so much! Glad you liked my idea. I generally have a very long application process for my admin applications (to make sure that we're all on the same page, I generally detail a tough administrative situation and see how they would respond, etc.) so it would definitely be useful for me to have it that way. Other than that I absolutely love your app. It's the most user friendly app system I've seen on here. So thank you for your hard work!
  5. So I used this app on my last site, and I love it. However, when I installed it this time, it appears that the tab at the top of the page has disappeared from this version? The only way I can find to access the application is through the widget. If that's how it has to be, I suppose that's fine. But I kind of liked it the way it was before. Additionally, if there is a way to have the option to expand the description box to a text field for longer descriptions, and have the description under the form title instead of below the box, I feel like that would be slightly more beneficial for the purpose I'm trying to use it for. Though if it's not I can just continue to PM them the longer interview questions.
  6. @Ryan H. Can confirm it was installing the version without the fix (or whatever version I managed to get if I had an old version as you suspect given the execution command in there) and then upgrading is what caused the issue. Version with the fix 100% Compatible ❤️ Thank you :3
  7. @Ryan H. I've literally only had a 4.3 board on this go around. I'd had my new board less than 48 hours when it had happened. My previous board where I used this app was a 4.2.x so even if I had an old copy it was the 4.2 version. However, for this installation, I had downloaded your most recent file on the marketplace. And the whole time it hasn't worked, unfortunately. I got the same bug that @rcoid and @ZrMz_x9 had when I installed it initially. Which, I saw that you replied to them you sent a PM with a different install package? So maybe I needed that fix you sent them before I upgraded. That definitely could be a thing. I can see that screwing with databases and functionality for sure. Anywho, I left it installed and just disabled it, figuring you'd get to me when you had time (I know how this works and that you developers have lives ? ). And that's what broke the board when I upgraded. So maybe not completely incompatible, but whatever version I downloaded definitely wasn't working with the database. If you haven't had that execution command in there for a while, then maybe an old file accidentally got uploaded into your market store on accident? Not sure. But I promise, this isn't an old board upgrade issue. This is just what happened when I used the current market download file and tried to upgrade the board for the most recent bug patch upgrade. You've got a great product, and I really want to use it. I'm just keeping you informed on what I saw on my end. I'm not a programmer (my only coding skills are HTML and CSS, and I won't pretend otherwise), but I have known a lot of them, and I know they all like to have as much information as possible if bugs are noticed in their program because it helps track down the part of the code that isn't functioning correctly. So I just wanted to give you everything I had, and hope it helps :3
  8. @Agent Shark to piggy-back here. Yes, what your asking for is capable in the core. However, @Ryan H.'s app allows for further customization (such as limitations on who can use which prefixes and coloring options for said prefixes) that make his application totally worth it. The only caveat I have is that, in its present form, it is not compatible with 4.3.2. Ryan will have to update the application (which I'm sure he's already working on ? ) before I would recommend using it with a 4.3 board at this time.
  9. There is a 3rd party app that does this, but it's currently not compatible with 4.3.2. I do kind of agree, though, that I'd like to see this functionality embedded into IP Board as an inherent feature.
  10. @Ryan H., I had to get IP Board to remove the app and force the upgrade to make my board functional again. Just letting you (and anyone else reading this) know so that you're aware that, at present, it is not compatible with 4.3.2 :) I really, really enjoyed this application on my 4.2.x board, so I'm hoping the functionality gets addressed and I can use it again. It is a great app, it just needs an update for the new board. And I know you're busy, this isn't a push or any sort of negative commentary on the application or your customer service from me (as I've previously had no issues with your customer service so, I'm not going to say anything negative about that). I just wanted to make the community aware so that, in the meantime until you get the compatibility issues resolved, it is best for anyone using this app to not upgrade until compatibility is restored. I'd hate to see boards broken and people getting angry while you're working behind the scenes. For anyone looking at this product, when it's compatible, it's great. Developers work behind the scenes to fix their applications and usually don't go public about their work until it is either completed or they have an estimate on how long it will take. So just because there's no immediate response to the inquiries and comments doesn't mean he's not diligently working to fix it. Just means he's not talking about it yet. So keep your eye out for the update because when he does update it, it will be great again. :) Until then we just have to be patient.
  11. So... I went to upgrade my board with the app installed without the fix but just disabled and now I have this lovely message and cannot complete my upgrade... @Ryan H. help? XD
  12. I'm having the same issue that @rcoid and @ZrMz_x9 had. If you could help me with the fix as well, I would be ever so grateful! ❤️ This was the first app I thought of when I went to start up my new IP Board, and I really can't wait to get it working the way it was intended again. :3
  13. I can confirm that it happens only after you upgrade to 4.1.19, it was working for me on my 4.1.18 board, but then I upgraded to 4.1.19 and it ceased working. Thank you for your efforts to fix it <3 We all really appreciate your hard work, I'm sure <3
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