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  1. From which countries isn't it possible to visit? Thanks.
  2. Anyone else having problems then? I don't have any problems nor do any members of my forum otherwise they already would have said so?
  3. Dear Kent, would it load now? I initially wanted this but hwmf.com is already taken, so couldn't buy it shorter. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Hello all, I thought I would my post forum up for review for your guys. More eyes can see more than my own. What do you think of it? Any suggestions? Do you perhaps see any errors? Room for improvement? All your advice is appreciated. http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com Yours truly,
  5. Eager for any update on this
  6. Since I need this the last days to make room and the option isn't there.. this is a hell to delete everything one by one .. Even when deleting them via Files is a hell work, each time you delete one the system resets the page to the standard.. So each time I need to search a member, or sort them again by size ... ! This option is a MUST HAVE !
  7. Indeed. Currently I made an announcement to point users out to a thread (and not have Mod that force them to see it but more like if they feel like) however they only can access that link when they are first taken to the full written announcement itself, and then they have to click again on the link to finally see the thread. Maybe it is more easy if you make a small announcement or if you have the option, that you add a link so they are redirected to that link instead. The announcement system is perfect but can be even better with that little option (for me).
  8. Hello, It would be useful to have an option when you create an announcement, that you can insert a link for example, so when someone clicks on the title of the announcement instead that he's redirected to the 'full written announcement' he's taken to the thread you would like.
  9. Hello to all, I am kinda curious to know which permissions you give your Guests on your board and maybe why? I currently give them full access in IPB4, normally I refused access to see attachments however apparently this is currently not possible in IPB4 so at current they have full access. Why I don't want to have my Guests full access (especially to see Attachments) is because I don't want to give all images "away for free" (our board is mostly build on images, sharing, tips, discussing..) without having them to register and have the ability to have an active partic
  10. Hello Marklcfc, how did you manage to separate it so clean? I tried but not succesful
  11. I'm using the demo so I can see and test all features before upgrading my board however I notice when I create a Forum and uncheck "Download attachments" for Guests in Permissions, it doesn't work. When I log off, and become a Guest, I still can see the attachment and download it?
  12. Suggestion: Able to change the Avatar size in posts and, or limit the attachments in posts .. That IPB didn't include this in IPS4 .. LOL.
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