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  1. Quick question: sendOutput() When using the method send output of the class Output, why does the page returned not have the global template applied?
  2. Are you at liberty to disclose any information on the status of those particular articles?
  3. Hello, My team of programmers and I are working on a rather extensive site overhaul. We've used Invision Power Board for our website since 2008, and we've never had any complaints. For this update, we've elected to use IPB 4.x as our framework on which to build. The rewrite of the system is extensive and presents a lot of amazing opportunities for our community to grow. Even with this, however, we've encountered a major obstacle. We've found there is an inherent lack of documentation that we can reference when developing and converting applications, hooks, and plugins for the suite, despite this being an official release. Full documentation on creating and application, as well as subsequent and separate guides on how to create a hook or plugin are missing by way of traditional channels through the client site. We also need all code classes fully documented and commented per each version of IPB, with those documents remaining available for the lifespan of support for the core version of the board. I am hoping that this documentation is available somewhere. If it is, a point in the right direction would be vehemently helpful. My community will be completely reshaped by the new version of IPB along with the additions we strive to implement. All my team and I need is detailed documentation on creating assets for the board. Thanks for reading, -Jeff
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