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    Joel's top 5 reasons to buy this plugin:
    One of the best Titles in the Marketplace.  Honestly. That alone is deserving of a tip to Flitterkill. Awesome support and responsive conversation by Flitterkill.  I made two minor aesthetic suggestions to Flitterkill, and within 24 hours he had another version out. That means a lot to me.  Pulsing icon for IPS updates.  How awesome is that??  And in a nod to IPS' policy, even includes non-dismissable pulsing red icons for security updates!  It's a slick UIX change that transforms your front-end update reminders from obnoxiously-in-your-face to trendy.  Yes, your IPS 4 updates will become trendy after you buy this plugin.  Promise. Really good descriptions per setting that make it very clear what you're changing.  Even includes helpful hints or examples.   Really does include everything but the kitchen sink, and the kitchen sink is planned for v3.  (Kidding, but not really.)  Tons of small but aesthetic updates.  Customize the breadcrumb, customize the User Bar, customize the search box, customize the lightbox, customize your forums, customize your posts, etc.
    Here are some personal highlights in how I've used the Kitchen Sink on my own community:
    In between all of the settings for the User Bar, I've totally transformed my User Bar from the IPS default into something that's simpler, yet more expressive and more informative.  It contains more information in less space to help me better manage my community and my activity:
    Fixed one of my biggest pet peeves in all of IPS 4: when you're in the Profile, stopping the cover photo area from shrinking / expanding when viewing Activity.  I have no idea why IPS built that in.  It's useless.  It's such an annoying animation.  Just make it stop. Elegantly hides all of the options (edit / quote / report) in every post into one icon, which gives a cleaner look to the post and hides functions that most of my users will never use:
    Lastly, pulsing icon for IPS updates.  It even includes more frequent pulses for more recent upgrades.  Yes, it's that cool.   Totally worth the price, and easily one of my most favorite plugins in the entire Marketplace.  I don't often give in-depth reviews to Marketplace purchases, but if you've read my other Marketplace reviews then you know I only give reviews to those that I believe are well-worth the value.  I think every IPS Admin will find the Kitchen Sink to have at least one useful feature they can use, and most likely tons they'll end up falling in love with.  This is such a multi-purpose, all-functional plugin with so many small but useful aesthetic improvements that you're bound to find so many things you'll like.  
    I'm definitely excited to see what new settings Flitterkill will add to future versions of Kitchen Sink, and to see his Kitchen Sink for other applications when they get released.
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