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Status Updates posted by Dylan Riggs

  1. I'm no longer taking on any work right now due to personal issues and a backlog of client work, sorry!

  2. I am no longer taking on client work until late August. Sorry

  3. I am on emergency leave until Wednesday for a personal matter. If you need me, email me

  4. If you're looking for custom work, message me. I have not renewed my license so cannot access the custom projects section!

  5. SpaceBound update coming out tonight!

  6. It was fun doing your website project for you :-). Don't forget to recommend me in the IPS Developers section at the very top bar!

  7. Taking on custom forum and ip. Content design. PM if interestwd

    1. Graphite


      Are there discounts for poor college students? Lol

    2. Dylan Riggs

      Dylan Riggs

      Depends on your overall budget, I can probably work something out since I've been there and done that.

  8. Live Streams v1.0 has been released on the Marketplace. Check it out now!

  9. Live Streams v1.0 incoming soon!

  10. Just released IP.Content Live Streams 1.1.3 -- Check it out!

  11. I can't send you a PM... lol

  12. IP.Content Live Streams V. 1.1 Coming out TONIGHT!

  13. IP.Content Live Streams V. 1.1 coming soon!

  14. IP.Content Live Streams is now available for purchase!

  15. IP.Content Live Streams has been submitted... *Crosses Fingers*

  16. 75% done with the Live Stream Page/App

  17. My new IPB website is nearly finished.... then it's time for some IPB mods and IP.Content pages #WeGotThis

  18. Getting a skin done by .Bitter then I'll be releasing some IP.Content pages for everyone. Boy I can't wait!

  19. Oh yeah? What else

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