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    Cav3y reacted to The_Mage in Classifieds System   
    I was stuck with version 3.x because there wasn't an update for the classified app I was using. With this new Classified app, I was able to finally update my forum.
    It looks so much better, and offers a few more options then I had before. I was able to install it, customize it, and get it up and running quicker than I anticipated. It didn't take long for people to start using it.
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    Cav3y reacted to Chris59 in Classifieds System   
    Have play around with this now . really love this app . maked a quick show off from my board....
    look forward to new features and new frontpage (Classified landing page) and with upcoming
    feedback system for the adverts is just cool ....   

    This is Classifieds V.1.0.1 (( Drooling for 1.1.0 )) Muhaha  

    I give this top rate because it deserve it .... Have fun look my little review below ... Cheers Chris
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