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  1. Please consider using this design for the "Marketplace" or "Downloads" from frontend zone, it looks great.
  2. I report the same problem again. When the value of the bitcoin suddenly drops, it displays the following message "underpaid" from the Coinbase panel and when this happens the invoice is not marked as Paid. The money reaches my coinbase account, but the subscription is not delivered to the user.
  3. It is strange, I have it configured that way and the plan never expires, I have to set an expiration date manually.
  4. Hello, It would be a good idea to add a One-time payment option to acquire the subscription and another renewable payment option. Some users do not want to subscribe and make automatic payments, they prefer to test the subscription and if they like they can activate the automatic self-renewal option.
  5. Not to mention you have to go through identity verification, which many don't and eventually lose interest, I mean Stripe, 2checkout, Authorize.Net, Braintree. I think that most people are looking for something simpler, like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, PayU, etc. So I would like the IPS team to prioritize these payment methods because they are simple and easy to use.
  6. Unfortunately there are very few people here who know Skirll and the ones I mentioned earlier. I think we are losing an additional profit by not adding these payment methods. On the other hand, how much do you think it would cost us to hire a developer to create a plugin to integrate Skrill? Regards!
  7. Hello, Nope, I mean the time that the user must wait, so that they can download again, in case we have configured a download limit per day. and a Countdown would be perfect, so that the user can know how long it is necessary to wait. Regards!
  8. Hello, Does this plugin have "Countdown" option? Regards!
  9. Hello, Very kind of you, thanks for the information 🙂
  10. Obviously it is in beta, but I leave it there in case they happen to forget.
  11. It would be great if they could work on the optimization. This negatively affects SEO, so I would like invision to prioritize this optimization enhancement, especially in the Mobile part. PageSpeed Test & Score for Invision Alpha Home Page Topic/Forum PageSpeed Test &Score for InvisionCommunity Home Page Topic/Forum Those who have read this topic, please share the score of your website. This is the score of my site. (I know that my site needs a good optimization.) Mobile Desktop
  12. So that they don't download all the files in a single day and my server explodes. You also generate activity on the site, making users return the next day to download again. I have done that, but most do not read the warnings, especially new users. They even think it is a bug on the website. 🤣 Regards!
  13. Hello, It would be great if you develop it, such a plugin would be very useful. 😀 Regards!
  14. Hello Community, I have configured the download limit for 24 hours. Every time the user exceeds this limit, they think that the next day they will be able to have their two downloads of the day again, when everyone in "Invision Community" knows that is not so. The user must wait exactly 24 hours to have the two downloads again. This simple detail is not known to most users, despite giving informative guidance on this, users keep sending me messages about "Why can't I download if I have waited one day? I am sure that I will keep receiving this type of messages all the time, especially from new users. For this reason I would like to suggest that a "Countdown" be added so that the user can see the countdown and know how long it should take to finally download again. Best Regards!
  15. It is a pity that this plugin does not receive updates, it looked very good. Regards!
  16. Hello, I have the same issue with default small font, and i'm using default theme. I got some errors from Google Search Console (Mobile Usability) : Regards!
  17. i wanna too tag manager integration with IPS 🙂
    Very useful plugin, something that we must have by default. I look forward to new updates that will bring improvements 🙂
  18. Yes please, I support this suggestion.. also Neteller Payment Gateway others PayU Payoneer WebMoney
  19. I find it strange that someone has that consideration, when you are not responsible for the use that the person who buys your App may give it. Anyway I understand your point of view, I hope you can launch a version where if you allow me to perform all the actions mentioned above. Best Regards!
  20. Sales question: Users can upload books/edit info? User can download books for free? Can set the group that is allowed to download? Can set limit downloads per day/hour? Regards!
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