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  1. 2 minutes ago, onlyME said:

    In the next version I will update new option to select new grid layout with equal heights

    Excellent! Thank you.
    Well, the question is - is there a counter of pictures in the theme in the gallery mode?

  2. Hello.
    I bought the program, everything works fine.
    But there is not one pleasant moment.
    The user copies the ID, it is assigned a group in the TC.
    Then the user ID and the other copies of this account is also assigned in the TS group.
    And the old account remains.

    It turns out that anyone can register any other TC members.

    Is it possible to make the cancellation of the previous TC accounts?
    Or at least limit the possibility of frequent change of ID?

    For us, this is a critical issue, since our TS can get unwanted users from spyware and conditional enemy guild.

    And even a small wish.
    If you make the ability to add more than one server. And when you set up the group in the IPS, select the desired TC server and the group on it - it will just be incredibly cool. We used 4 TS3 server and would love to have this integration for everyone, and not just one.

    Thank you!

  3. 3 hours ago, Fnuxle said:

    Not sure I'm following, could you elaborate please?

    The forum has a feature "Ignore." That is, if a user clicks the button "ignore" another user, he does not see the posts in the chat from that user, but sees his status. It is possible to take into account the widget games users lists?

    Google translator, sorry if I write with mistakes

  4. 13 hours ago, Tom Christian said:

    I don't see any issues? Can you screenshot for me what you're experiencing?


    The problem occurs after the user login. I tried to remove all plug-ins, chat rooms, etc., it is thought due to their style of "floats", but no, the problem disappeared. I sent you a PM in the login and password that you do not spend time for registration.

    Member: https://yadi.sk/i/uEK5XSqLqxKc3

    Guest: https://yadi.sk/i/TUZUYYzgqxKf2

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