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  1. Previously you agreed that "Gallery albums and blog titles, I can understand wanting to be searchable, because they are user created content". Albums and blogs may be also created by administrator as well. So, let me deside what I want to be searchable in my FORUMS too.
  2. 4.1.9 COMMERCE - There is no next product and previous product navigation for the product view. Please, make it asap for the products in one category like it made in DONWLOADS ↓
  3. For the general user who is not the coder it does not matter what it is (so called content or so called container) if he want to find something interesting but can remember only the forum title.
  4. This is theme title. But I am talking about forum title. This forum title is Product Feedback For example you want to find gallery almum by its title. It is not possible at the moment.
  5. At present search engine is not indexing and is not searching: forums titles calendars titles articles categories titles gallery albums titles downloads categories titles store categories titles blogs titles It is not possible to call this the real All content search. Please, improve the situation.
  6. I can guess that some files on your server are CHMOD write protected. Try to CHMOD 755 or 777 and upload the xml again. But this is only the idea.
  7. The following words are not language abstracted:
  8. The following language keys are duplicated and because of that can not be translated in the normal way: total_comments processing r__categories r__categories_manage r__settings r__settings_manage rss_offline select_category sort_asc sort_desc tags_predefined tags_predefined_desc topic_settings total_comments total_views url comments subcategories enable Please, make all above key unique. Example: videos_total_comments General example is on the attached picture below:
  9. It may be set to be automatically pending approval for the blog entries if user restrictions are applied. But then all content of this user will be pending approval all around the suite. Practically speaking, this user must be the bot instead of the real user. Sometimes this is not convinient. So, it may be better to have the option on the blog level settings.
  10. This is specifically for Foums application. I did not use RSS-importing for forums. I am using for the news blog. There is not such options in the Blogs. So, I am telling about Blogs as the main idea. But if this option is already developed for Forums then it may be added to the Blogs also.
  11. As an idea for the IPS developers or Marketplace contributors An option may be added to the RSS-importing function (Blogs, Forums): Use stop words: No/Yes Explanation: User adds stop words first in the ACP. If the content which is being imported from the RSS-feed matches any of this words, then this content may be automatically marked as hidden. This option may be independant from the Are RSS imported entries hidden right after import? option mentioned in the post above. I think that it may be very useful to hide some unwanted publications from being displayed right after import. And this is something new for the public comunities which are importing news from the RSS-feeds. So, this may be attractive to many.
  12. Seams to be there is the problem with embedding youtube links into the comments:
  13. Are you ajusting the png/jpg compression quality somehow in the php code?
  14. Yes. It may be optional per any particular blog or forum. For example, I am importing art news and do not want all of them to be published in the blog. So, I will check every hidden by default imported entry and unhide some of them. The option in the blog or forum: Are RSS imported entries hidden right after import? No/Yes
  15. Please, consider to add the option to automatically hide the RSS-imported blog entries. For RSS-imported forum posts also.
  16. https://vimeo.com/109074968
  17. If this view of the Features Images block is enabled then there is automatic transition in effect. This is becoming boring if the user clicked to view the video in this block right on the index page. Then the video is playing and the transition is also in effect. Please, make the switcher in ACP to disable/enable the automatic start of the transition. Meanwhile may I have the code lines and how to disable the automatic transition in the Features Images block?
  18. This is about png quality being to low (with artifacts). The thumbs are being automatically created from the linked Vimeo or Youtube videos. Is there anything in the code that can improve them? I remember the similar situation on the IPB 3.4 versions of this application. I think that png thumbs are created of the ~60% of their normal quality. I do not care about the thumb size but I need the best picture quality.
  19. I think that the language key is missing in the languages. Or some other bug here.
  20. Automatically created thumbs are to much compressed. Please, provide the code lines were it can be set to 100% quality.
  21. I got the blank page while trying to save the settings of the just installed application. 3.1.8. The settings were not saved for all tabs. There is nothing in the server error log or in the IP Suite error log. This is Aviator browser (on Chromium). The bug is constant if the creation of the forum topic disabled: Note: This setting should be activated to catch the bug ↓
  22. I understand what you are talking about and I am not opposite to your opinion. Practically speaking IP Suite is the mass product. And no mass product (except Dollar) can satisfy everyone expectations. For the small company they are trying on the good level and are noticeable on the market. I agree they may do better and they are providing signals that they will do.
  23. The problem I have with Commerce is that the default category menu is always expanded: it is showing all subcategories in it. And if you have 200+ subcategories than this will broke the shop good look. Any idea about this and how to improve? It was working nice in IP.Downloads from IPB 3.4.x with ol, ul expanding list. And It is working in ACP for applications' categories. It is strange that this was cut from the public area.
  24. This is something I believe may be accomplished by the current Pages application functionality. Otherwise you want something that is close to the Forums idea. I am not opposite your ideas, but seams to be this will not be quick here on this platform. Let them do what they are doing at least they are trying their best and quickly respond to support requests. In other places this is not so.
  25. 1. Please, consider the new feature implementing which may be useful to many comunities. We need the option (checkbox in the settings) wich will remove all links from the RSS-imported content leaving (or not leaving) the former links text. It may be used in Forums and Blogs - globally where RSS-importing is or will be designed. 2. Also, the similar option will be also useful: Remove all formatting from the RSS-imported content. This will remove all bold, italic, underlined, color, etc. text formatting. Thank you.
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