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  1. I have doubt that some big providers accept Sparkpost's emails normally. For example, I sent test messages and gmail put them into inbox. But hotmail put them into spam.
  2. I understood your mentor's position. I do not like to receive any comments from you. My questions were not addressed to you.
  3. No, I should not learn something. I am just asking. Emails sent to gmail are not going to spam. So, I think that hotmail is putting to spam all Sparkpost's emails.
  4. Should I change this settings again and again if sometimes I am using my server smtp for example for other sites wich are not sending through the Sparkpost? Or want to send not throught the Sparkpost for this site sometimes using my own smtp.
  5. The next problem is that Sparkpost support is not replying to the request to increase the daily email limit (500 emails per day on the free account by default). It is said that they are replying within 2 days. I am waiting their reply already 3 days.
  6. Finally I resolved all problems. Please, fix this bug:
  7. Also, when I am trying to restore (truncate and insert) the backup from the up to date dump, the dumper is reporting the MySQL error: So, this is influensing all other applications too, because I am not able to restore the database because of this interruption of the import process.
  8. I uninstalled your application in ACP-Applications and tried to install it again there but got the error. How to uninstall your application by the sql method?
  9. I uninstalled your application and this section was removed. It is completely yours bug.
  10. In 4.1.10 IPS prevented application translation to be deleted when the new version of the 3d party application is being uploaded. There is the special code for this.
  11. I believe I read here or on your site a report about that and your reply that you do not think this is the important bug. That is why I wrote that it is not fixed again. I can not provide access because the site contains the private information. I am using php 5.5 and the default files of your application and IPS applications. I think that this is enough to make this fixed and language abstracted.
  12. Please, provide instruction. For example, the sql command.
  13. It became known to me that your company is working with SurfWatch Labs to protect your customers from the different types of hackers. Please, keep going to prevent attacks. Thank you for taking care of your customers.
  14. This is still not fixed after upgrade to 3.1.10.
  15. Installed by the previous versions and already reported duplicated language strings are not removed after upgrade to 3.1.10. They are still causing problems with the default applications.
  16. Please, provide another service instead of Mandrill and Sparkpost.
  17. Please, add permissions set to checkout. There is no reason it is absent now. This will allow to push the guests to register in order to view the prices and be able to order (add to the cart).
  18. Please, make fix for the duplicated language strings. No other concern. Since they are multiple, this is breaking normal work of the default applications. The duplicated language strings' keys should be made unique. Breaking the work of the default applications is breaking the Marketplace rules. I hope this is clear to you.
  19. Any idea of the next version release?
  20. Why store products are not in the activity stream?
  21. That is why you flooded several topics including mine with your test messages.
  22. It is always easy to make changes in all places, than to make changes in all applications except Forums. So, I guess that from the practical point of view it is easy to index everywhere than to answer constant inquiries about "why search is not searching forums' and subforums' titles?" Anyway my feedback is not about forums only and pointing to forums only is making the all idea wrong. But this is not so. Idea is good.
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