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  1. You explanation is not informative. This group permission settings are dupluicated in the category permission settings. Why not to remove one of them?! This settings are duplicating each other:
  2. Clearing the cache is not helping. Also there is no cache clearing function in ACP. Example
  3. Selected breadcrumb has wrong url and is linking to the non-existing page: /membermap/?module=membermap&controller=membermap
  4. Why is this not removed from the group settings?
  5. This is not working on the registration final page. See the following bug report with screenshot here:
  6. This is not working (not showing the flags) on the registration final page:
  7. I can not even normally sleep or eat because Commerce is the title application on my site. Is it possible to fix this issue asap?
  8. It is very very strange that Commerce products, categories, etc. are not integrated into the search index. It is absolutely unacceptable. At least I see the search field in the store but it is for nothing here because it is not returning any result.
  9. It is very very strange that Commerce products, categories, etc. are not integrated into the search index. It is absolutely unacceptable. At least I see the search field in the store but it is for nothing here because it is not returning any result.
    Nice addon. Do you have any idea of creating plugin which adds page navigation between products in the same category (Commerce)?
  10. Bug reports are moved to the Archived Reports to soon, right after the new version is issued or even before it. It is not possible to reply in the normal way if the bug report is archived and not really fixed. Make archiving after issuing of the next version only (Ex., if a bug reported fixed in 4.1.11 then it should be archived after the 4.1.12 is distributed). You simply do not give time to check and reply. Example 1 and 2 (don't want to waiste the time looking for the url of the bug report).
  11. The bug report was closed. Seams to be that you should reorganize your code.
  12. This is what I am talking about: So, may be it will be good to add another service which is available worldwide. Or change the Sparkpost with the service which is available worldwide. Concerning spam-folders issues: I was able to chat with other users here and there were reports that Hotmail is putting emails to spam-folders disregarding the DNS settings. Please, do not argue or write to me, I am reporting here just for the staff information. I will not reply to any personal insulting or not insulting replies from any IPS customers.
  13. Once again please let me explain my position. I am not reporting here to callect what I am doing right or wrong. Not I am wating any personal replies. I did not say that something with my SPF and/or DKIM records is wrong. And I did say enough to understand the topoic theme. This forum is the product feedback and I am reporting to the staff what I think will be better as much as I can according to the level of my English. If you like to say something, please, do not write as the reply to me. Please, comment alone or open your own topic. I do not like to battle with anybody here and do not seak for any advise or help here.
  14. I did not say it is flaw or something. Please, consider this topic (the first post of the topic) as the report about the situation and my opinion how to make the IP Suite better. Please, do not think that I am asking any help, comment, advise, insult to me, any other type of communication with other members.
  15. And what is the real reason for me to try to remove my IP from the blacklist? Someone spammed (or not - we do not know). The other side put the country into the blacklist. What is my fault as the IPS customer?! I do not even know how to try to remove ip from the blacklist. I am using VPN (purchased). So, I have somehow resolved this problem. But other IPS customers may have not such an opportunity. This is you are writing to me or in my topic. I did not write any of you and did not want to do this. I am just reporting the situation in the special place called Product Feedback (means my topic created for the IPS staff firstly, not for other customers). I am trying to make the IPS products better as much as I can from the general user point of view.
  16. Well, the USA is on the top of the known spam countries by the Spamhouse version. With a big separation.
  17. I never used Mandrill. I am trying to use Sparkpost. But as I said Russian IPs are not allowed while registering. This is not convinient. I am not expert in finding appropriate mailing service since I do not know the criteria why it may be considered appropriate to be used in IP Suite. So, I prefer that other people provide the working in all sences variant.
  18. I think that I should not because anyone has the right to tell his opinion.
  19. Unfortunately I am not expert in providing any alternatives because I am not the expert like @CV01 I am just telling my opinion as the user of the product. May be this will help to improve something.
  20. I am not rude because there not any rude words here. I just told what I think in order to help the other user not to spend his valuable time on replying to my comments. Also the other reason is said in the topic title.
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