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  1. The problem is, a site may be licensed, but not entered correctly into our license system (they could have changed the path from /forum to /community or moved it to the root) - so we don't want sites vilified by inaccurate information. As mentioned, it's best to let us handle enforcement - but we do appreciate the reports!

    Is it possible to know the asnwer for the reports? For my own sake. For example, owners of nulled IPB may be ignoring that all their problems may be caused by the nulled systems backdoors. So, I need some confirmation to show the owners.
  2. They've said on numerous occasions that this is never going to happen.

    I have information about dozens of nulled forums of IPB since owners are asking for support on the above mentioned forum.

    It just encourages witch-hunts by overzealous fans and gives people a bad impression of the company.

    It just your imagination. Nulled versions make bad impression because of thousands of bugs and back-doors in them.

    If you suspect that a site is nulled, then just report it and move on - it's not your job or responsibility to be IPS' copyright police - they have people for that.

    I am very happy to see that the IPS has the lawyer in your face. ;) I was asking just for my own cases said in the first post.
  3. Sometimes I visit one IPB-dedicated forum where some Russian speaking users ask questions regarding the bugs in IPB and how to improve them. In most cases the bugs are connected with using of the pirate ("nulled") copies of IPB and its addons. So, it would be the good idea if we have some page here where we can check if some domain name was licensed to use the IPB and addons. Otherwise we have a lot of bugs which are seamingly connected with the official IPB products. Please, help.

  4. Let me have the hope that one day IPS will be the big company with its own big number of testers who has the ability to test everything on their own computers before they sell something in 100,000 number of copies. Lindy was providing the example with the vehicle at the beginning. So, Toyota company withdraws all broken cars if there is the serious bug. And the customers do not need to provide the access to their private garages to repair it by the means of thousands unknown people inside. But this is the big vendor. Let us hope we will have the stable version of IPB soon. Otherwise the world will stop! :smile:

  5. I am just the simple buyer from the street and I do not know much about the company and its staff. I am sorry about this topic and any inconvenience because of it. I will try to use help of our team php coder. May be I should more serious investigate which version is stable before the purchase. Thank you. Shanti, shanti.

  6. I'm mightily confused by this topic. As has been explained, you are asking for support, to provide that support without access, which generally is an exercise in futility.

    Something that would take 10 minutes to debug/fix with access turns into hours to even find the issues source(if you are lucky and can find it).

    This is not an OS, this does not have complete control of the environment it runs on, YOU do, and that can in fact lead to issues trying to do 'no-access' support... which is very generally(no offense) going to === extremely limited support.

    May be you are right in case there are a lot of bugs and customers. I just want to spend more time with my child rather being engaged in all this bugs reporting without any reward. I like to use this product without any alternative on the market. And the product is really good for my opinion on the other hand. Thank you.

    I mean, that almost in all help requests (bug reports) tickets I should provide the access according to the support constant requests.

  7. We can certainly advise on this by telling you to add "php" to your Allowed Image Extensions setting.

    I am not sure this is the right place to discuss all this staff. But as soon as you told this, I am providing my php coder answer:

    "Adding php to the allowed image extensions is not safe in case of our present server configuraion."

  8. I just wonder all situation. I of course do not want to push you to follow my opinion how it could be. But I just wonder. I know that Google, Firefox, Yandex and others are paying customers for the found bugs. And it is generally the company side who is testing and providing patches, not users. For example, when I am using MS Windows, though there are a lot of bugs there, no one is asking my PC (or server) access. I am firmly confident that this is the company's responsibility to have enough testers to solve any questions without the user. For example, you can ask about my server enviorment (linux version, database engine, IPB version, etc.) without any direct access to my server. Or at least you can try to show that there is the posibility of privacy by providing the checkbox I was talking about.

    Thank you again for your development of this product. It was my opinion how you can give people one more chance if they like to have it.

  9. There is the 48 hours delay. First 24 hours on the simple (not VIP) tech support I am waiting the answer. And the answer is generally "Please, provide the access to your everything: ftp, AdminCP, etc." The second 24 hours I am waiting the answer to my reply that I can not or do not provide the access".

    It is generally known in internet that all services like Facebook, Vk.com (Russian), Twitter and all other similar are under the governmental supervision. I am not talking about your company directly or inderectly now. But in all cases all companies like yours or any other are obligated to provide any type of information they have in case of any FBI, CIA, police, etc. investigations. That is why that this is not just the question of confidence to your emploees.

    That is why it could be the gester of goodwill from your company if you would have provided the additional function (checkbox) of not providing any access to the user data if the user do not like it.

    And additionally speaking, this is the user's time wasting because the user can not use the site while the other user (tech support) is having access to the AdminCP.

    Thank you for your service.

  10. I agree with the topic opener on BOARD RULES and PRIVACY POLICE. IPB is very good for a one-language-community! If you use more than one, you fall into these holes.

    Worst: since IP.Board 3.0.0 you can't use more than one language on APPs; if you translate them to your language, users who use English will also wiew the APP on your language.


    There are other requests like that...

    Yes, this is quite the same what I want and for what I paid the money already buying 3.4.0.

    I am using 3.4.0 since it was issued (~ 2 weeks now?). And already submitted almost 15 bugs. It is raw and should not be sold for so much money (like MS Windows, for example).

  11. These are text items that you enter. This is no different than forum names, category names, etc. It's up to you to enter whatever text you want there.

    Your support team suggested that I start this topic here. As I said above, I have 2 languages. And WANT DIFFERENT FIELDS TO TRANSLATE THE TITLES BOTH INTO RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH. Is it clear now?

    I do not want constantly fight for my freedom to use the normal multilingual portal capabilities. If you made the function to add several languages, it has the sense to complete the code, but not to sell the raw useless 3.4.xxx

    I hope, my ping packets finally will reach your brains... :smile:

  12. The problem was solved (see att. pic).

    Please, accept the report of the bug

    /hooks/gallery_attach_forums_b5837a552916d3be8d5333452a37ae85.php (or similar)


    $category = array_merge( $category['_latestImage'], $category );
    $string .= $this->registry->output->getTemplate('gallery_external')->$

    Replace with:

    if ($category['_totalImages']) {
    $category = array_merge( $category['_latestImage'], $category );
    $string .= $this->registry->output->getTemplate('gallery_external')->$

    In theory this happened because there is category in the Gallery but there are no pictures in it.

    Please, check if there are more places in your code where this problem may arise.

  13. Здравствуйте,

    Не могу воспользоваться вашим паком. Выдает ошибки при загрузке файлов:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ')' in /путь_к_папке/a108.net/cache/lang_cache/1/blog_admin_menulang.php on line 40

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ')' in /путь_к_папке/a108.net/cache/lang_cache/1/gallery_admin_menulang.php on line 29
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /путь_к_папке/a108.net/cache/lang_cache/1/forums_public_boards.php on line 135
    Слетают все надписи в админке и некоторые на фронте. Приходится переустанавливать систему, так как нажатие кнопки Recache all не исправляет ситуацию.
    Можете поправить?
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