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Entry Comments posted by RPG-support

  1. We will discuss this during our next development call.

    It should work different for different languages. I can help to improve it for Russian.

    It should work like this:

    {# [?1:скачивание][?2:скачивания][?3:скачивания][?4:скачивания][?5:скачиваний][?6:скачиваний][?7:скачиваний][?8:скачиваний][?9:скачиваний][?0:скачиваний]}

    When is the "next development call"? Is this something about the next line, IPS 4.1.x?
  2. Example as it should work (view - просмотр):

    {# [1:просмотр][2:просмотра][3:просмотра][4:просмотра][5:просмотров][6:просмотров][7:просмотров][8:просмотров][9:просмотров][10:просмотров]}

    Example as it should work (download - скачивание):

    {# [1:скачивание][2:скачивания][3:скачивания][4:скачивания][5:скачиваний][6:скачиваний][7:скачиваний][8:скачиваний][9:скачиваний][10:скачиваний]}

    So, for 368 downloads it should be as for 8 downloads: [8:скачиваний], and for 381 downloads it should be as for 1 download: [1:скачивание]. But this is not possible I think in the present system of translation. That means that everything will be translated as it was in 3.4.x.

  3. {# [1lánok][5lánkov][?:články]}


    This will not work for the Russian language. 


    For example, you have 368 downloads and 123456 vies of something. 


    In this case, you will have to translate 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 views and downloads into Russian and then repeat translation according to the last digit in the number of views or downloads.

  4. I do not know if there are completely the same events even if they are repeating like in your case. In most situations you have to make some improvements in the repeating event because all events even if they are repeating are not the same in real life.


    As I understand this is not possible in your fucntionality because the original event will be modified too. This makes all the @repeating@ line of development quite useless. 


    And also you can not repeat the event on the particular date you like, only on every week, month, etc.

  5. I am not sure that repeating the event on the particular date and time of every week, month or year means that I can choose any date (and time) I want. In my case, I can open the event and add any particular date to the event, and event will be duplicated for this particular date and time without any @every@. Just  the date and time I want. ;)


    You can read the modification desciption for details, speak with Aiwa, etc.

  6. Just go on! You are unique in the area of the forum/site in the box software with your nice support and Marketplace. I see that you are really striving for the perfection in your field.
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