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  1. Question removed - I think I've solved my own problem :)
  2. Thanks Don, I'll get an order placed :)
  3. I would be really grateful if you could help with my question from a few days ago. I'm very interested in placing an order Thanks. Craig.
  4. Hi, This might be a really silly question, but I've never purchased an add-on or mod that has a renewal before... Is the renewal only required for updates? Or does it mean that I have to keep renewing every 6 months in order to continue using the product? I can't say that I've ever earned a great deal via adsense before, so while I'm really interested in purchasing this mod in an attempt to see if I can change that - I'm not sure whether I need to calculate the cost of renewing the mod (plus each of the add-ons) when making my purchase decision. Regards, Craig.
  5. Hi, I'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to any kind of mod or template editing. However... I've been trying CSB on a test installation (3.4.2) and everything was working perfectly as long as I used the default (custom) board theme. As soon as I tried changing to any other theme, I received the following error: Fatal error: Method customSidebarBlock does not exist in dp33_gsidebars_boardIndexTemplateSkinOverloader I then remembered that another app I installed required an edit to the the templates Board Index>boardIndexTemplate and Forum View>forumIndexTemplate. So, I decided to copy these modifications over to the other themes, which fixed the problem for me. I'm not familiar with Topic Hover, but perhaps the problem you have is similar? It's just a thought... Craig. PS. Thanks to the author for this great mod :smile:
  6. Great mod. Works fine on IPB 3.4.2 using the stock IPB skin.. If you're having trouble, just double check that you made all the changes specified in the supplied readme file.
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