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  1. opentype's post in How to update the privacy settings for a club? was marked as the answer   
    ACP → Community → Clubs →  [your club] → Edit → Privacy. 
  2. opentype's post in Spam Defense tuning? was marked as the answer   
    Not much if your site has an international audience. They are humans who have the sad job of creating these accounts manually. 
    The obvious solution would be to not give them anything to fill in after registration (Website, About me links …). But that’s something IPS needs to implement. Discourse solved that through its Trust Level System. Invision Community needs this as well. A new Discourse user cannot:
    A huge array of clever spam prevention measures which are slowly and automatically lifted over time when a user proves itself to be an actual member, not a spammer. 
  3. opentype's post in Spammers/bots registering solely to post image to profile? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it’s normal. 
    See this recent topic about spammers creating such accounts. 
  4. opentype's post in Is there a way to embed a video in a blog or topic? was marked as the answer   
    That’s exactly how it works. Just paste the URL from YouTube or Vimeo and it will embed. Example:
    If you really want to deal with the embed code, you can’t just post the code into the editor, as the editor doesn’t process HTML in the text mode. You would need to switch to the source code mode. 

  5. opentype's post in How to display images in a new topic was marked as the answer   
    You can just post the image URL, like https://someserver.com/theimage.jpg
  6. opentype's post in Getting the who's online widget to display counts? was marked as the answer   
    The variables are accessible from the widget as $memberCount, $guests, $anonymous, but the idea of the widget is to list the names of the members itself. It’s not about full stats. 
    For an alternative view and a turn-key solution, you can also check out this plugin:
  7. opentype's post in Disable the bottom breadcrumb was marked as the answer   
    Put this in the custom.css
    .ipsBreadcrumb_bottom { display:none; }  
  8. opentype's post in Taller height for header? was marked as the answer   
    It’s this value in the theme settings:

    Replace the 80 with a higher value. The logo will then be scaled up. 
  9. opentype's post in Reoccurring payments IP.Commerce was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it is possible. For Stripe and credit cards, the user gets a checkbox to store the card authorization. For PayPal, there are the so-called Billing Agreements and when you set up the payment method, you choose if that is turned on, off or optional. 
  10. opentype's post in Is there a way to turn the search function off for GUESTS??? was marked as the answer   
    ACP → System → Applications → System → Search → Permissions 
  11. opentype's post in Missing image share on faecbook was marked as the answer   
    But what would the “fix” be? It’s intentional the way it is. Not every image in a post is suitable to represent the entire topic. 
    If you want to assign the first attachment in a post, there is a marketplace file for it. 
  12. opentype's post in Let members only see their own records was marked as the answer   
    It will be right in that area you made a screenshot from if you don’t use categories. If you do use categories, it will be in the settings for the category. 
  13. opentype's post in How can you edit a shipping address? was marked as the answer   
    With an address on file, that part gets skipped during checkout, but users can still click on step 1 again:

    And of course, you should add a link to the address section to your menu if you don’t have that already. 
    The link will look like /clients/addresses/
  14. opentype's post in Google: Coverage issues detected was marked as the answer   
    It’s expected and usually nothing to worry about when content is deliberately blocked through a robots.txt. But have a look at the URLs it is giving as example and check to make sure that removing them from the index is okay. 
  15. opentype's post in Changed Prices in Subscriptions was marked as the answer   
    It’s a flaw in how Commerce treats renewals in general. It’s unrelated to your price change. 
  16. opentype's post in Spoiler for the future feature or oversight? was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure that’s just a description of this functionality: (activating a CSS file for a specific page)

  17. opentype's post in Record Feed Widget for more than one database was marked as the answer   
    Create the feed blocks in the ACP and then add them on the front end as Custom Block.
    (I prefer that anyway because of the added options like permissions and templates.) 
  18. opentype's post in How to embed an Iframe in blog,calendar, widget, forums, ... was marked as the answer   
    You need to make sure to have this setting turned on for your admin group:

  19. opentype's post in Push notifications on Safari MacOS was marked as the answer   
    It’s not an error. It’s an explanation. 
  20. opentype's post in Facebook API Violation? was marked as the answer   
    IPS won‘t provide it as it needs to reflect how YOU handle these things. What’s your process to handle privacy/deletion requests? How should people contact you? How do you handle such requests? What do you delete and what don’t you delete. That‘s all up to you. You need to flesh out these things and the put in in writing.
  21. opentype's post in How to Hide "Categories" at Store was marked as the answer   
    There are no native settings to achieve this, no. 
  22. opentype's post in Moderate a user's publications ? was marked as the answer   
    Open the member in the ACP. Then under Warnings & Restrictions: Require approval before content shows. 

  23. opentype's post in Official Docker support was marked as the answer   
    IPS has made it clear that they prefer cloud customers. I doubt there will be any new and substantial feature additions that would only benefit self-hosted clients. 
  24. opentype's post in How taxes work for each country? was marked as the answer   
    There is no universal list. It depends on what is legally required in your country. 
    There can also be distinction between business-to-business sales and business-to-consumer sales and there is an additional condition within in the EU about VAT ID numbers. But again, all of that depends on your country. 
  25. opentype's post in Community subscription renewal length was marked as the answer   
    If you click on “Manage this purchase” on this page you see the renewal price, term and date. 
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