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  1. The solution for the “phone problem” is to reduce the size allowed for attachments. On top of that, compression settings for uploads are also available. That covers almost every use case. Very few people would need to mess around with additional options to convert the existing content.
  2. But then you would manually have to feature and unfeature records to show them as new. The better options would be to use a custom field to create your custom badge(s). Here is a tutorial for a multi-badge setup from one field: https://www.opentype.space/superdocs/ips-community-tips/pages/multi-color-select-box-badges-with-pages-r16/
  3. Just for the sake of completeness: the official solution is … Turn on “Moderate new records” in the database settings Assign an “author group” to the users Change the database permissions to allow “add record” for this group
  4. It always worked like that in 4.x. I usually avoid using default values for fields because of this behaviour. I’m sure it’s all “working as intended”, just not exactly what a user (or even admin) would expect. Suggestions: show the actual number of filtered items don’t pre-select default field values (which are useful in the record form and during record creation) in the filter widget. (Clover’s point 3 is just a side-effect of point 2.)
  5. No. But it’s impossible to say what is going on based on just this screenshot. In fact, it’s not even a problem if the user has already validated their account and keeps clicking the validation link. Then getting that message would be expected and there would be no “issue” to fix.
  6. The error doesn’t point to a specific problem. You would need to narrow down the cause first. Could be a problem with the email links (changed by the mail provider?). Could be a caching issue. Could be admin interference (where accounts are approved before the user does it). Could be the links are simply clicked multiple times …
  7. It would require customization of the feed template. A Pages record reply is treated like a forum reply, which also doesn’t repeat the attachments posted to the original post.
  8. You can do that with the Pages app. Or just blocks, where you hide content from guests and show your blocks to guests only. There is even a “Guest Signup Widget” included with the software. It may not exactly do what you want, but it is made for the purpose you ask about.
  9. Put “register” in the search bar. The specific one should be popupRegisterTemplate.
  10. They have to reset their password and need to know their email address.
  11. Not much space in blocks, so it uses a reduced reaction counter there.
  12. Some nice ideas there. I’m not a fan of minimizing the user info in the topic view though. The personal touch of clearly seeing who you are interacting with is getting more important these days, not less. If anything, this view should only be triggered if there is not enough space, not in full desktop view. As a typographer, the example screenshot is painful to look at. 3 posts with just one or two lines each that are waaaaaaaay too long for comfortable reading. This was always a problem with a default IPS installations but now it was made worse, not better. If the user info remains to the side, it also improves the readability of the post content.
  13. What are you trying to achieve with the latter that you couldn’t achieve with the former? Both sound the same to me.
  14. Check for template calls in places like Listing template → categoryHeader. It will indeed call a stock template for categoryRow there by default. But you can change that to call your custom template groups. There might be more places like that. In general, you want to make sure that all {template… calls point to your custom templates.
  15. What’s the question? You can’t force Google to index it. It’s best to spread pages that are important to you on the internet and that will be a signal for search engines to treat is as more important. Having the majority of community pages not indexed is actually normal these days. And if you have a sitemap registered with Google, just let it do its thing. You don’t have to ask for individual pages to be indexed. That’s what that “no sitemap detected” is telling you.
  16. I tested it and can confirm it. It’s hitting “save” that kills the EXIF data. Doesn’t really matter what is changed or if anything is changed at all. It’s just clicking Edit → Save.
  17. It never really was. Google just follows the user. If a site offers the most relevant content for a search query, then it’s what the user wants to see, whether it takes 500 milliseconds longer to load or not. Only if different sites have exactly the same ranking otherwise, then maybe your ranking position changes a bit. But in general, search results are not ordered by speed. That would be ridiculous. Optimizations are still useful of course, but there is no reason to obsess about them. There are much more impactful changes to be made on the site itself, e.g. how to name pages/forums/topics, how to structure a menu and so on.
  18. It’s usually faulty html in one of the blocks. Impossible to say where exactly from just a screenshot. Could be ad code, theming issues, user-group styling or even individual forum topics with problematic code. I would first try to login as that user to see if you can replicate it. If yes, you can investigate it directly. If not, it might also be a problem on the user’s site. Like ad-blockers interfering with the page and things like that.
  19. From what I read in that topic, it sound more like browser behaviour than server behaviour. Like those users have the old page still open in their mobile browser in the background and it is not actually reloaded but just put into focus again. Or something like that. But either way, I would reconsider the entire setup. Blocks aren’t meant to be used by active members to see new content. That’s what the /discover/ page is for. I would always put the latter in the main menu to get my active users to open that page as the default entry point.
  20. It can go absolutely everywhere. You just need to activate the Community Hive connection the ACP first. (under Integrations)
  21. What you want to see is this after pasting: That’s all I can say. If that doesn’t happen automatically on your site, something with access to that site needs to investigate it.
  22. Those are just remote images. That’s why it shows the remote URL after posting. The fact that you see the image briefly in the editor is irrelevant. An attachment (which is what you want) would instantly show in the attachment section. That’s what you need to look out for.
  23. That’s how an IPS community works out of the box. But the system doesn’t treat free memberships as a “tier”. The members are just in the default user group without a subscription. And then they optionally choose to buy subscriptions. So you don’t have a free subscription or a paid subscription, you have no subscription or you have a subscription. Trying to add a free tier (i.e. actual subscription) might complicate things unnecessarily. If you don’t need it, don’t do it. The only downside I can think of is that you don’t get that view of having the free membership next to the actual subscriptions.
  24. It’s the same green “Download Invision Community” button under ☞ https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/ ☞ Manage Purchase You don’t download Blogs specifically. You download the entire suite which now contains Blogs.
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