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  1. Already available as part of the group settings:
  2. Unless you are talking about credits, this should already be an option as part of the Payment Methods settings. Depending on the provider, there are different settings for automatic renewals (on, off, user-choice), saving payment details (to allow automatic payments) and so on. If all of that is turned off, it should just create an invoice and not take money automatically.
  3. It’s on your screenshot. You click the ‘New button’ under the stock templates and then choose a type. Here is an older topic where I reported these problems: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/465169-pages-templates-“revert”-button/ The labelling of the buttons is now better, but there is still no way to revert Pages templates like theme templates.
  4. This function is unfortunately flawed in Invision Community 4.x. You should never touch the original templates and instead create a custom version first. Of course that is of little help if you already changed the stock templates. It really needs a revert button. Maybe in 5.x?
  5. It’s not possible without someone coding a custom converter or doing it all manually. But IPS has already indicated that their apps will come closer together in the 5.x product line. So, maybe if you wait, IPS will make that happen in the future.
  6. That’s how it works. Moderating the user’s first ‘x’ entries is a group permission and the Blogs app uses that permission as well.
  7. It would be a nice feature request for 5.x. But for 4.x, there is just OG:images for database records, not pages themselves. The latter are just empty containers to put stuff onto them.
  8. After the PWA was installed, open the notification settings (bell symbol → notification settings). At the end, there is a setting for Push notifications to be turned on. It’s not on by default. After this option became available, I made a forum post in my communities to explain it to users. Example
  9. You need to install the website as an app (PWA). You can’t get the push notification from just browsing the website in Safari.
  10. Don’t use it. It’s a legacy feature from the time when the software was centered around the forums and cross-posting was the only way to show the forum users the articles. It’s not necessary anymore and only causes issues.
  11. The upscaling in the browser causes the graininess. What you ask for isn’t possible. You would need to increase the size, which by the way only affects new images, not existing uploads.
  12. You have some sub-menus on some entries. That’s why it’s there. If the submenu would only appear with some items, it would constantly appear and reappear and push the site content up and down while you hover over the menu. You wouldn’t want that.
  13. It’s the calls to FontAwesome in the theme. You really need to make sure that the theme doesn’t contain hard-coded links and that the cache is completely cleared. It then should automatically load the fonts from the proper location.
  14. It’s an option in the ACP: Customization → Editor → Settings → Advanced → Allowed CSS classes
  15. Not relevant to the issue, but to be fixed later: don’t use hard-coded styles. Create a custom CSS class for the theme and call that. Also, white-list all classes. It doesn’t matter for the admin account, but will matter for user accounts.
  16. IPS is moving in the other direction and removing options to mess with these things. It’s just not something the average Invision Community user needs. That being said, it’s actually pretty easy to set up a custom plugin or app to apply global CSS and JavaScript code. And on a self-hosted installation, you could also just set up your global code on the file system and then call it from each theme. So, there are multiple options to achieve it. But IPS will probably not create a dedicated feature for it.
  17. This post is stuck under /discover/unread ever since it was published. Opening it or Mark site read doesn’t help. How can I get rid of it?
  18. Hard to investigate without access to the device. But I would try the regular (not pop-up) form and, if necessary, reloading that page. It available at yourdomain.com/register/
  19. There is an “ignore” feature which works in a similar way. https://invisioncommunity.com/ignore/ Each use can choose to ignore “posts“, “messages” and “mentions”.
  20. That’s my guess as well. There is a different between “attached” (at the end) and “attached and moved into the content”.
  21. Safari’s caching method. It’s not related to Invision Community.
  22. “clear system caches” in the support section usually helps for problems like that.
  23. You can tell Google to not index images through the robots.txt.
  24. Turn on the group setting to moderate new posts from new members and approve them manually. Automatic methods to detect spam will always be limited.
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