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  1. Please try it out on my website with the field shown in the screenshot (“Number of Desktop users”). The wrong value is added to the cart and persists throughout the purchase.
  2. I hope the patch also addresses this other issue, which does affect the actual purchase. At the moment, my customers are getting more than what they pay for because the product fields don’t work as expected.
  3. I’m just seeing this. All my products are shown as free. 😱 I hope IPS can push out a patch quickly. Very bad for business and bad in regards to the customer’s trust.
  4. I understood that and took that into account. I am still saying it is usually useful to create a custom version of the core block first and then call it with the custom key. That’s also gives easy access to the settings that these core blocks might have. You could even add small customizations easily without touching the original widgets.
  5. No, that would not be a good idea. You better stick to the record image. But accessing it through the REST API would be a core/IPS issue. I can’t help with that.
  6. The typical use would be to first create a custom version as Pages ACP block and assign your own key. Then you can call it as {block="your_key"}
  7. No. Every section has its own template and its own variables. There is no easy way to move templates between sections. It needs manual recreation with knowledge of every detail.
  8. Not, that’s not possible. I am actually using Pages database to run my ads, but it requires a lot of customization and has to run independently from the built-in advertising system.
  9. You could try hCaptcha to slow them down, but if they don’t validate their account, I would just ignore them. They will be deleted automatically anyway and cannot do anything on the front end. The IP addresses and email addresses will constantly change (as is evident by this random use of dots), so trying to create a ban filter is almost impossible.
  10. The “Manual” option is not meant for a payment gateway. It’s meant for a manual payment by the customer. The shop owner would (for example) put their bank account details in that editor field and then the customer pays using that option.
  11. Can we have a help guide how to phase out deprecated payment systems like Braintree? Does it need manual actions like cancelling all subscriptions on Braintree’s side?(Jump to the answer in the video)
  12. It has moved to System -> Web App. IPS should probably change the ACP search. Searching for “manifest” still points to Icons & Logos, where it has been removed from.
  13. I have a custom field with numerical values: Looks fine in the database: Looks fine on the product page: But once the product is put into the cart, the product in the cart will always use the next value in the set and continue to use the false value throughout the checkout. If I select “1" on the product page, the cart says “2”. If I select “2“ on the product page, the cart says “3” and so on. You can easily replicate it as a guest on my site. It happens for all products which use this field.
  14. You can check out the new settings for the gallery homepage: But yeah, it looks like this now. The width of the comment block looks a little weird though. It should use the entire column.
  15. Ideally there should be a “staging mode” with settings to turn off payments, emails and things like that.
  16. Yeah, this seems to work. Seems to also require regenerator on the user side.
  17. Sure. But it’s still not working. I also tried deleting and recreating the home-screen app just to be sure. Still nothing. The manifest data is set up.
  18. Is this cloud-only? I have it working for this community, but all of my own communities still say “Push not supported” after the 4.7.9 update.
  19. Seems to be the query string. https://clubadventist.com/forums/?something=test
  20. For a single-upload field, something like: {{if $formValue}} <img src="{$value}" class="ipsImage"> {{endif}}
  21. Pretty sure it is not related to moving things around but to the number of entries, which defines the layout that is chosen. And in turn, this also affects which images are shown. Currently, the main entry would be the blog entry 4, which doesn’t have a title image at the moment. Before you added that entry, it would have been a different layout with 3 images in one row. If you want to force a specific layout, set the number of entries in the block settings and then make sure to have at least this many entries in the feed. That way, there won’t be any surprises when you add new entries.
  22. What’s your score when you send an email to Mail Tester? https://www.mail-tester.com If you got a perfect score, you could try to contact Apple. I had delivery problems with Apple accounts a while ago. I first made sure to meet all their standards https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204137 and then I contacted them with details about my communities and my mail server IPs. They made some adjustments and I never had problems since.
  23. Yes, it is possible with the database relationship field. It creates a comma-separated list of the other articles in a specific database.
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