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Entry Comments posted by opentype

  1. 7 minutes ago, Claudia999 said:


    • A must-have is an editor that lets me formatting subheadings (h2-h6).

    That’s more an editor option. You can just create custom buttons with the headlines you want. Or anything else. I also have ones for “big quotes”, “image descriptions” and things like that. 

    7 minutes ago, Claudia999 said:
    • A very German problem is the VG Wort Zählpixel in posts. But this could be realized with an additional field in Pages.

    Yep. 🙂


  2. 7 minutes ago, Nehaj said:

    To be honest, I really can't see why would someone choose a generic app over an app with their forum logo. That is, if the price difference is not that big.

    But it is. That’s the point. Of course everyone would prefer a white-label version, but only a few would be able to maintain it or be willing to pay for someone else to maintain it. We know this because third-party developers have tried several times over the last years to pull it off and all gave up frustrated after no one actually wanted to pay what was necessary. So your number of admins wanting such an options is meaningless because it doesn’t include the costs involved, which would change the numbers significantly. 

  3. Just now, Dll said:

    I'm sorry, am I not allowed to voice an opinion in a discussion others are clearly voicing theirs in? 

    Of course you are and I haven’t suggested anything else.
    And I am allowed to recommend to let it go for the reasons I have given and because of the observation of how this discussion is going. (e.g. “grilling” IPS about their reasons or the phones they might use. None of that will change anything, IMHO.)

  4. 18 minutes ago, Tarun said:

    This is not necessarily true. (And using a different password everywhere could drive a person crazy in this day and age.) Changing your password more often - especially when forced -, leads to lazy, insecure passwords.

    Well, if we are already nitpicking: Your response asserts that changing passwords leads to “insecure passwords”, but this is only true if one creates passwords meant to remember. But the article doesn’t say that. One could use a password manager with stronger passwords, but the the recommendation of changing even stronger passwords is still valid, since they too could be compromised. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Dll said:

    There aren't limitless hours in the day, or a new team looking at this (as far as I'm aware), so clearly something has to give.

    If the argument boils down to this, then I don’t disagree. Yes, there are costs. And there are benefits. Weighing those against each other is subjective—and guess work, since there are variables about the future we can’t even know. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, Dll said:

    I'm not sure why you think the pwastats info is incorrect

    Do not put words in my mouth. I did not say “incorrect”. I said it suggests PWAs as cause of improvements, when that causal connection cannot be made this easily. It’s the classic post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc fallacy. 


    Regardless of what framework Invision use for their apps, it's still a new skill set and will still use time and resources better spent on existing web based products.

    And that’s where your argument is objectively flawed. They ARE building a web-based product, which just happens to be delivered in an app wrapper. That’s why it is NOT a waste of time and you are defeated by your own arguments, since you yourself argued that no one cares about what is working under the hood. Yet you blame them for going with an app instead of PWA, when you yourself admit that it is irrelevant. Just read again what IPS staff said. This discussion is only going in circles because you keep repeating a point while ignoring the facts defeating this very point. 

  7. 19 minutes ago, Dll said:

    A user doesn't care if it's a native app or a PWA, they care if it does what they want it to do.

    I agree 100%. (And that’s why this pwastats site is completely nonsense or dishonest in suggesting that improved metrics are due to the use of PWAs.)

    But the difference between “add to homescreen” vs. “installing an app“ might make a difference at the moment, as The Heff suggested. That matches my observations and was also my point in the last post. IPS can’t distribute all our apps directly, but every IPS website owner can’t become an app distributer because of the costs and complexity. That’s the problem (as I mentioned earlier) and the multi-app solution is a good compromise to overcome this very problem. 

    The only complaint left is the supposed wasted resources, but IPS has already explained that the app uses web technology(!) and as such it is not wasted but can be reused for 5.x or inform future developments directly. 

  8. 22 minutes ago, Dll said:

    So the issue isn't PWA per se then, it's whatever implementation of it being tested. 

    Or that many users simply don’t get the this middle-ground solution between website and app and just don’t use it (enough). 

    38 minutes ago, Dll said:

    Have a look at the ever growing list of major websites using PWA. Most are seemless.

    And others are seeing great results with native apps. This kind of argumentation is going nowhere. 

  9. Just now, Dll said:

    Are your customers not also telling you that they don't want a multi-community app as well though?

    Sure, if asked, they would of course all want their own app, but interest alone doesn’t mean that it would be feasible on a large enough scale. Just look at the previous attempts, including those of 3rd-parties. Once admins understand the costs involved in distributing their own app, the interest quickly vanishes. A multi-community app is a compromise, but one that can actually work for many admins.  

    Just now, Dll said:

    Since, if they did want one, they would already use tapatalk?

    Not necessarily. I stopped using Tapatalk and I will (very likely) use the IPS app. It’s far from being the same. Tapatalk was buggy,  a privacy and security nightmare and a third-party solution, which is a problem of its own because there was no priority for the IPS platform and because of the delayed reaction to the native developments. IPS can potentially do so much better than what Tapatalk offers. 

  10. 20 hours ago, The Heff said:

    In my experience any published rules and guidelines that attempt to set such clear boundaries will only bite you in the longer ter. Rules will inevitably be written in such a way that somebody could and will misinterpret them, whether intentionally or not, and then argue that the rules have not been breached or that they mean something entirely different.

    Based on my 18 years as community admin, I completely disagree. Every busy community needs moderation and moderation needs a foundation in proper rules that members have a chance to know upfront – otherwise people will feel the moderator actions are arbitrary and unfair. And then the smallest action can make people leave the community angrily forever. 

    And vague rules are identical to non-existing rules. It’s pointless to state “we reserve the right to delete posts at any time”. I need to know specifically what could cause a deletion. Otherwise I might spend hours crafting elaborate responses and then have them deleted after seconds. Of course I would get very angry with that. 

    On my sites, I even take this further. Not only have I specific rules, I even have escalation steps for rule violation. So a user first gets a small warning with a link to the rules. Then if they brake the rules again, it’s clearly their fault. The ball is in their corner and they can’t blame the admin anymore or say “but I didn’t know this rule”. 

    I also don’t buy the argument of possibly misreading rules. If that would come up, I would just fix it by clearing up the misunderstanding. And even if that would be impossible, this problem wouldn’t outweigh the benefits of having detailed rules. Just as I wouldn’t say: people something misread traffic signs and that can cause problems. So let’s tear down all traffic signs to avoid that and tell drivers or cops to use their best judgement. That clearly wouldn’t work. 
    In addition: I simply prevent arguing over rules and moderation actions by having another rule about that. 😉 I explain that admin decisions are final and that you cannot open a closed topic again or open a topic to complaining about a moderation action. That prevents any such debates. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, AlienOrigins said:

    I am sure anyone who has downloaded and installed it has gotten that notice "dangerous php functions enabled"...

    Sure. That message is a recommendation about server security. It’s supposed to be helpful. So again: what is “the problem”?

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