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Entry Comments posted by opentype

  1. I always see it as a literal “evolutionary” process. I constantly try out new “mutations”, i.e. features. If they turn out to be beneficial, I might put more work into them and make them more prominent. If they do not work, I scale them back slowly (e.g. by first demoting them in the menus) and remove them eventually. There certainly is a danger in adding too much stuff. Not just in regards to the software conflicts you will get, but also in the way you confuse your users. I even have tons of “display:none” declarations in my theme to hide stock functionality. Often less is more. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, CheersnGears said:

    If I could have one wish in IPS, it would be for Pages to be a better replacement for Wordpress. 

    My dream is that IPS grows enough that it can pay a dedicated developer team for each app. Pages, Commerce, Downloads … they all just get these “sweeps” after 1,5 years with a few improvements here and there. It clearly shows. Those app can’t keep up with standalone solutions by other providers who improve that one app all day every day.  

  3. Forums already existed in ancient Rome (as central places where people would get together to talk and do business). If it survived for 2000 years, it probably also can go on for a while. 😉

    My choice of terms would depend on the circumstances. Community is fine too, but it also rather generic. A Facebook group can also be a community. Forums describes a specific functionality. Yes, it has certain connotations (like “old-school”), but not only bad ones. And it doesn’t have the bad connotations social media platforms currently get. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

    It would be nice to see all the "NEW" 4.4 config settings - is there an ACP search to find them all?

    Or at least a Guides articles which points to the ACP places. I did indeed felt rather lost when looking for the new features having to first browse the blog posts and then having to guess where the ACP settings might be. “Giphy” in the ACP search? Doesn’t work. New E-Mail banner? Mhhh, under e-mail settings maybe? Nope! And so on … 

  5. 13 minutes ago, iacas said:

    I was told that I could set up a recurring payment subscription with the current version of IPS, only to find out after buying it and setting it up that clients still have to manually approve and pay for each monthly invoice. If this is finally fixed, thank goodness, but I'm skeptical because it was supposedly a feature already.

    I want people who sign up for the subscription to be automatically billed each month, with the option to cancel at any time.

    That doesn't work the way it is supposed to in 4.3.

    There are PayPal Billing Agreements in 4.3 already. So yes, you can have automatic recurring payments. If you are unsure how to activate that, I would suggest a support ticket. 
    This blog post here is about 4.4 and Braintree, which is new option. There is nothing here that needed “fixing”. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

    Am I able to purchase Pages (adding to license) out of renewal? Mine has just lapsed but I wouldn't mind taking advantage of this promo and a renewal promo too.

    There was no promo announced. You are replying to an announcement from 2017. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

    @Mark: Can we please have the ability to store multiple options within a product?

    So we can list different colours available for purchase, patterns, personalise them etc?

    That is what custom fields are for. You can add as many as you want, apply different pricing and so on. 

    4 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

    It would also be handy if we could disable which nations we ship too, I only want to sell to the UK right now but I have no way of limiting the products to this area. 

    It’s done through the shipping options. 

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