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  1. Standard session time is 30 minutes, right? How to change for 90 minutes?
  2. How? Is not yours? This is not to IPB 4?
  3. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    ?? Please You repair or give my money.
  4. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    In the code app Easy Pages? And when they come IPS update? Then withdraw the changes?
  5. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    I have to give you data to FTP? You can not write how to fix it?
  6. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    I do not use Cloud. I understand that it will not be fixed? Why IPS can not write exactly why this happens?
  7. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    Currently You waiting for a response from IPS support?
  8. Nasgoth

    Easy Pages

    I ask exactly the in ticket to support IPS. What do you want to know exactly? I ask them.
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